EXFO’s Life Sciences and Industrial Division has been awarded ISO 14001 certification – an internationally recognized environmental management system (EMS) standard.

As a global leader in light-based delivery solutions, EXFO continues to lead the way as one of the first organizations in the industry to be awarded ISO 14001 certification. Having upheld the highest standards of quality management of ISO 9001 for over 15 years, EXFO’s recent accreditation reinforces its commitment to continuous improvement. Utilizing a comprehensive approach, EXFO has integrated environmental aspects into its management system, enabling the company to monitor and control the environmental impact of day-to-day operations.

“The successful achievement of ISO 14001 represents a key milestone for EXFO and reflects our commitment to minimize our environmental impact and enhance business practices across all areas of the company,” stated Allan Firhoj, vice president and general manager of EXFO’s Life Sciences and Industrial Division. “EXFO has embraced environmental responsibility and is focused on leveraging relationships with customers, vendors and employees to continuously improve our contribution and strive towards environmental sustainability.”

EXFO has made advancements to reduce its carbon footprint and continues to strive towards developing new ways to be environmentally friendly. Most recently, on its website EXFO launched GreenView, as a way to communicate its environmental commitment towards energy efficiencies, reducing landfill wastes and continued innovation in solution offerings with LED technology. GreenView is also aimed at increasing environmental awareness among employees, customers and vendors, while providing an open forum for knowledge sharing and collaboration via EXFO’s ‘Come Share your Story’ program.

EXFO is proud to be awarded ISO 14001 certification and encourages all businesses to join in the global effort in building a sustainable environment for future generations.