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Advanced and Versatile UV / Visible Bonding Systems for Medical Device Manufacturing

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OmniCure® offers advanced UV / visible bonding solutions that provide global assembly manufacturers with unparalleled, simple-to-use control and repeatability in light-based curing processes.

Utilizing over 25 years of UV precision assembly expertise and innovative control technology, OmniCure leverages its unique capabilities to ensure consistent reliability and highest product quality, making us the industry standard in UV curing systems. Customers are able to achieve maximum uptime and reduced manufacturing costs.

UV / visible arc-lamp spot curing systems

Recognized as the global leader in curing systems for precision assembly with light-cured adhesives, the OmniCure S2000 provides the power, control and repeatability required for high-speed automated manufacturing assembly. The OmniCure S2000 is also designed to adhere to regulatory validations.

The OmniCure S1500 delivers power, control and reliability in an extremely cost-effective, affordable and easy-to-use spot curing system, offering excellent value for the UV adhesive curing of high-volume, automated manufacturing requirements.

OmniCure offers the most advanced UV bonding solutions, and is trusted by manufacturing engineers worldwide to ensure the right UV cure every time.
Medical device manufacturers worldwide depend on the OmniCure S2000 UV / visible spot curing system for perfect quality UV adhesion - this system is the global leader in precision UV curing assembly.
Found exclusively in the OmniCure® S2000, Lumen Dynamics' proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback technology enables manufacturers to design UV curing assembly processes with higher yields and lower costs.
The OmniCure LX400 is the most versatile, high-performance, easy-to-use UV LED spot curing system, as it offers the ultimate flexibility in UV assembly applications for high-volume lean manufacturing.
The OmniCure R2000 Radiometer can be combined with the OmniCure S2000 UV spot curing system to provide a complete curing station.

As the pioneer in spot curing of light-cured adhesives for high-quality bonding since 2003, the OmniCure S1000 has become the industry standard adopted by leading precision manufacturers worldwide. It is primarily used for manual or semi-automated processes.

The OmniCure S series is adaptable to four different light guide options to best accommodate the various needs of customers. With the use of a multi-legged high-power fiber light guide, these systems are ideal for curing multiple sites with a single light source.

Irradiance control for UV spot curing systems

Lumen Dynamics’ proprietary Closed-Loop Feedback technology is found exclusively in the OmniCure S2000 UV spot curing system. It is designed to ensure that the UV curing process stays repeatable over time. This technology continuously monitors the irradiance level of your system and keeps this level constant at the process set point.

Multiphase curing in UV spot curing systems

Available for use with the S2000, StepCure® is an exclusive OmniCure process developed by our design engineers to provide precision alignment for optimum yield in the most demanding applications. StepCure multiphase curing delivers controlled doses of light at pre-determined levels to achieve controlled polymerization for maximum precision and long-term bond durability. StepCure minimizes the risk of undesirable alteration to substrate properties.

At the heart of the OmniCure system is the unique Intelli-Lamp® technology. It is Lumen Dynamics’ patented technology, which maintains a constant operating lamp temperature by continuously adjusting the fan speed based on the actual UV arc lamp temperature. This results in longer lamp life.

UV LED spot curing systems

The OmniCure LX series offers UV spot curing solutions that are UV LED-based. Utilizing the latest LED technology, the new OmniCure LX400 UV LED spot curing system leverages our in-depth expertise in UV spot curing. For applications ideally suited to LED technology, the versatile, high-performance OmniCure LX400 offers tremendous benefits including ease-of-use, cost-effectiveness and small size, as well as environmental friendliness.

The UV LED heads have been uniquely designed for highly efficient cooling to maximize continuous operation without over-heating. This will minimize costly downtime and extend the life of the LED heads, resulting in low cost of ownership and convenience that can be relied on. Due to its superior design, if properly clamped the head may be used continuously without over-heating.

Radiometers for UV curing

The OmniCure R series focuses primarily on radiometry, which is essential for measuring the output from a UV curing system in order to maintain a repeatable process. The OmniCure R2000 Radiometer can be combined with the OmniCure S2000 UV spot curing system to provide a complete curing station with unmatched control and repeatability. The OmniCure R2000 Radiometer allows for connection of custom sensors for measuring light energy directly at the cure site.

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