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Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), Investment Casting, Precision Machining and Medical Device Contract Manufacturing Services

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Indo-MIM is a leading global supplier of precision-engineered medical components via metal injection moulding (MIM), precision machining and investment casting technologies. Our capabilities allow us to provide a full range of solutions for our medical customers from concept, to prototype, through high-volume manufacture.

Based in Bangalore, India, Indo-MIM provides cost-effective medical device manufacturing, engineering and integration services with uncompromising quality unmatched anywhere in the world. We achieve this through full integration of our processes, including product design, tool making, precision machining, heat-treating, surface treatments and analytical and testing laboratory capabilities. All of this is done in our modern, state-of-the-art facilities totalling more than 400,000 sq feet.

Metal injection moulding for highly complex geometries

The metal injection moulding (MIM) process combines the design flexibility of plastic injection moulding with the strength and integrity of wrought metals to offer cost-effective solutions for highly complex part geometries. MIM is now recognised as the preferred solution to manufacture small, highly complex parts used in surgical devices such as endoscopic graspers and scissors, instrument bodies, scalpel handles, forceps, biopsy jaws and ablation electrodes.

MIM is an established and proven manufacturing technique for producing small, complex, tight-tolerance and high-performance metal parts. MIM is a cost-effective alternative to traditional metal forming techniques such as machining, investment casting, and powder metallurgy. MIM excels at applications that require shape complexity and material properties that cannot be fulfilled by plastic and light metal alloys. It offers tremendous single-step parts consolidation potential that makes it a competitive alternative to stamped / machined-parts assemblies. Many design and economic limitations of traditional metalworking technologies can be readily overcome by MIM.

Metal injection moulding (MIM) provides the most cost-effective way to manufacture highly complex precision medical parts in a wide variety of materials.
The MIM process is ideal to produce small, highly complex part geometries with intricate features such as this endoscopic grasper. Material properties are equivalent to wrought alloys in strength and corrosion resistance.
Investment casting offers the ability to produce near net shape components for medical instruments and orthopedic implants from a wide variety of stainless steels and superalloys.
Our capabilities include a full range of precision machining, heat treating, surface treatment and testing services.
Complete devices are integrated and packaged in our Class 10,000 cleanroom. Indo-MIM provides full solutions for device manufacture, including plastics, metal forming, laser welding and supply chain management.

Stainless steels for medical instruments, appliances and implants

Indo-MIM provides a wide variety of material solutions for surgical instruments, orthodontic appliances as well as orthopaedic implants. For instruments, high strength and wear combined with good corrosion resistance can be found in our 17-4PH, 420 and 440C grade stainless steels. Our 316L grade stainless steel is a popular choice for applications requiring high ductility with excellent corrosion properties.

For orthodontic appliances, we provide 17-4PH as well as Ni-Free grades of stainless steel. Orthopaedic implant applications are growing for MIM and we are here with a full range of material solutions including Co-Cr as well as titanium alloys with HIP processing for these critical applications. Besides our standard array of off-the-shelf solutions, Indo-MIM maintains a world-class materials laboratory to develop a custom solution for your most demanding product

Investment casting for complex surgical instrument components

For complex products in a size beyond the scope of MIM, Indo-MIM provides investment castings in a wide variety of metal alloys for parts up to 40kg. Our new 30,000ft² facility utilises the latest equipment in wax injection, shell making and induction pouring to produce castings of high precision and metallurgical integrity.

Our investment casting capabilities are the ideal way to produce components for complex surgical instruments in corrosion resistant, heat treatable stainless steels as well as orthopaedic implants in high strength cobalt-chromium alloys. Our investment casting operations are ISO-9001 and AS9100 registered and provide full capabilities for materials analysis, NDT and certification of our products.

Precision machining for micron tolerances

Indo-MIM provides state-of-the-art precision machining capabilities to finish our MIM and investment cast products as well as to provide complex parts from wrought bar. We provide complete multi-axis CNC turning and milling, grinding, honing and wire / sinker EDM machining capabilities for micron tolerances to medical and aerospace quality standards. Coupled with our precision machining group are special process capabilities such as vacuum heat-treating and surface treatment options that are AS9100 and NADCAP certified.

Contract manufacturing services for medical devices

Our core manufacturing capabilities provide a strong foundation to offer cost-effective, fully integrated medical devices and products from beginning to end. Our geographic location offers the ability to provide high-quality medical contract manufacturing services at very competitive costs that cover from prototype, to small run, through high-volume production.

Within our Class 100,000 cleanrooms, we are fully proficient at integration and packaging of complex medical assemblies to exacting standards. We have a full range of internal and external support capabilities including plastic injection moulding, insert moulding, LSM, metal forming, laser welding / cutting and sterilisation to provide a one-stop solution to your needs.

Quality and service you can count on

Our ISO-9000, ISO-13485 and AS-9100 registered quality systems combined with unparalleled speed and service has allowed Indo-MIM to become a preferred solutions provider to customers in more than 35 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

To find out more about how Indo-MIM can become your solutions provider, please contact one our company sales and engineering centres in your vicinity.

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