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Indo-MIM Provides Value Engineering Through MIM

Medical device manufacturers are impressed with the freedom that metal-injection moulding (MIM) offers. Their primary focus is on identifying new-generation technology that can help provide cost-effective solutions while keeping quality and safety requirements intact. MIM arms medical device makers with the ability to design unique products without the cost restrictions associated with conventional metal-forming techniques.

The process combines the design flexibility of plastic-injection moulding with the strength and integrity of wrought metals to offer cost-effective solutions for highly complex part geometries. MIM technology has proven itself as a viable method for the production of complicated metal components for endoscopic instruments, surgical tools and implants made from alloy steels, stainless steels and exotic metal alloys. Global surveys by independent agencies have highlighted the MIM process as environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Indo-MIM is a one-stop solution provider for precision-engineered parts and sub-assemblies to customers in over 30 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Staffed by 600 skilled engineers, scientists, technicians and manufacturing associates, the company has a strong technical product R&D team, and can support customers from product conception.

Redesign of existing products, integration of sub-assemblies into a single product, and change of material to a wear-resistant alternative are a few examples of the services Indo-MIM offers. It also has expertise in the development of a large variety of medical-grade stainless steels and cobalt-based alloys.

Indo-MIM has experience of 1,000 different varieties of MIM parts, investment casting, plastic-injection moulding, plastic over moulding, precision machining and plating. Core industry segments such as medical, consumer, automotive and industrial sectors use the company’s expertise. The firm’s manufacturing set-up includes three plants in India: two state-of-the-art ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949-certified manufacturing centres in Bangalore, spread over 25,000m² (the world’s largest installed capacity), and a plant for investment casting in Tirupati.

Indo-MIM also manages its own precision machining and finishing operations. For this, a host of CNC turning, milling and grinding centres and honing machines achieve micron tolerances. In-house heat-treating and plating is also available.

Depending on product requirements, Indo-MIM can manage the supply chain of CVD/PVD coatings, electropolishing and passivation, and has tool design and in-house manufacturing, which enables it to achieve shorter lead times and meet customer cost targets. Sub-assemblies or complete devices are assembled in ISO Class 8 (Class100000) cleanroom facilities that include ultrasonic cleaning and packaging.

Managing cost without compromising quality in the present business climate is proving a big challenge for many companies in a highly competitive medical device industry. Indo-MIM meets this need by providing a cost-competitive, single-source solution for complex metal components and fully finished devices.

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