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Precise Laser Material Processing

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ROFIN has been developing laser systems for the medical device industry for more than three decades and can provide all necessary technologies – from laser sources to customised construction – from a single source.

Industrial lasers and laser-based material-processing products

ROFIN is a global leader in the development and manufacture of industrial lasers and laser-based products used in material processing applications. With a variety of CO2, rod, disc, fibre and diode lasers, pulsed or cw, ROFIN offers the widest and most powerful product range for industrial materials processing. The company combines the benefits of an experienced laser manufacturer with application-specific professional competence.

Minimally invasive surgery techniques and miniaturised implants are among numerous products in the medical device industry that are becoming increasingly smaller. Lasers are ideally suited for cutting widths and weld seams in the range of only a few microns, and provide extremely gentle processing.

Turnkey laser surface-cleaning systems

Products in the medical device industry have to meet the highest quality demands. Laser technology as a precise and extremely selective material processing method is steadily gaining importance in this industry. A major reason is that laser technology fulfils the high quality requirements to perfect, hygienic, clean surfaces without dross or any material residues. As laser cutting or welding is a wear-free process, the quality of cuts or joints and hence the quality of the workpieces is constantly high.

Finest welds by hand or with CNC control.
Finest cuts <20&#181;m in nitinol with a material thickness of 380&#181;m.
The StarCut Tube is an all-in-one system that is flexible in configuration and provides excellent, user-friendly operation.

ROFIN has always developed not only laser sources but also complete turnkey laser systems for most diverse applications. That means 30 years of experience – not only in building lasers but also in application development, in laser systems manufacture and in the entire range of material processing technologies.

Flexible metal and alloy cutting rod and fibre lasers

Rod and fibre laser technology cut almost all kinds of metals and alloys commonly used in medical device technology. The minimal heat-affected zone prevents damage to temperature-sensitive materials; e.g. shape memory alloys like nitinol. The flexibility in cutting geometries is almost unlimited, including edges with variable cutting angles. Through a CAD system any new outline can be defined and cut in a matter of minutes.

High-strength welding lasers

Lasers create high-strength and helium leak-tight welds in metals and polymers with pore-free surfaces and in this way make this joining technique the ideal solution. Excellent beam quality, high pulse-to-pulse stability and flexible pulse shaping are the preconditions for the finest seam and spot welds. Laser-welded joints can be used for high-temperature sterilisation and exhibit pore-free surfaces even without finishing. This is a crucial requirement for biocompatible components.

Micro structuring with Q-switched solid-state lasers

Each application is in principle a material ablation produced by short and high-energy laser pulses. The precise process control allows micro structures smaller than 15µm and ablating complete surfaces layer by layer. In this way small areas in polymer layers on catheters can be removed selectively.

Tailor-made surface structures can also be realised in order to optimise bonding characteristics of implants. Q-switched solid-state lasers allow the production of filigree micro mould dies designed with extremely narrow channels.

Bio-compatible marking

Lasers apply consistent marking to metals and polymers without any filler material. Marking by modifying the material colour, annealing on metal, carbonisation or foaming in polymers provides corrosion-free marking without creating burrs or debris. There are almost no technical limits to the marking outline and content. Individualisation is easy due to the flexible computer control of the complete process, and on-the-fly marking can be carried out even on fast-moving workpieces.

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