Aerotech High-Precision Motion Control Components and Systems

High-performance motion control components

Aerotech manufactures the highest performance motion control components and systems for our customers in industry, government, science, and research institutions around the world.

Our products include automated nanopositioners; planar and rotary air-bearing stages; high-speed gantries; mechanical-bearing linear, rotary and lift stages; brushless linear and rotary servomotors and drives; standalone and software-based motion controllers; goniometers; and gimbals / optical mounts. Custom, vacuum prepped, and cleanroom-ready positioning systems and components are available.

Aerotech’s precision motion control products provide the critical performance for demanding applications in markets including medical device and life sciences, semiconductor and flat panel, photonics, automotive, data storage, laser processing, military / aerospace, electronic manufacturing and test, assembly, research and development, and others requiring high precision, high throughput motion solutions.

Aerotech’s commitment to consistently advancing our product and value-added service capabilities is summed up in our motto, “Dedicated to the Science of Motion”. Always guiding our development efforts is our commitment to providing our customers with products and services that provide the lowest cost of ownership, highest throughput, highest accuracy, and the best return on investment. We are gratified that these efforts have been recognized by our peers and colleagues in the industry through awards we have won.

Technically superior motion control components

Our philosophy of building superior motion control systems starts with designing and manufacturing technically superior components. Other suppliers integrate general-purpose components into their motion systems and claim to sell you a ‘superior’ system. An Aerotech system begins with Aerotech motion components that are already best in class and specifically designed and optimized for the highest performance and lowest cost of ownership available.

From technically superior components to high-performance sub-assemblies to best-in-class highly integrated motion subsystems, Aerotech can accommodate the requirements of your application and outperform competitive solutions. The performance of our products is complemented by the depth and breadth of our product line, providing our customers with a ‘one stop’ supplier for a quick and efficient solution for your application.

Motion controls, drives and motors

From our award-winning Automation 3200 32-axis motion, vision, PLC, robotics, and I/O network, to our Soloist series single axis and Ensemble series multi-axis standalone motion controllers, Aerotech provides a controller solution to fit almost any need. Aerotech complements our controllers with our large selection of high-performance brushless linear and rotary servomotors, and PWM and linear drives.

Linear and rotary stages, nanopositioners, and gantries

Aerotech positioning stages range from economical ball-screw and gear-driven linear and rotary stages to the highest performance direct-drive linear and rotary stages available, linear-motor-based Cartesian gantry systems, single and multi-axis air-bearing systems, and our complete range of ANT series long travel nanopositioners.

Custom, vacuum and cleanroom-ready motion systems

If you don’t find a standard product suitable for your application, our expertise and ability to provide custom motion components and systems is unmatched. Our custom manufacturing ability is further augmented by our long history of providing systems for vacuum and cleanroom operation.

Engineering and service support for motion control components and systems

From concept to final certification, Aerotech’s engineers and technical staff apply their expertise and skills, along with Aerotech’s proven products and motion control and positioning technologies, to ensure the success of our custom engineered systems. Our advanced analytical and diagnostic capabilities allow us to provide a very high level of engineering and service support, providing an extra level of value-added services for our customers.

About Aerotech

Since 1970 Aerotech has been committed to supporting our customers worldwide. We maintain a growing number of direct field sales and engineering offices throughout the US, as well as representatives across the globe. We also operate full sales and service facilities in the UK, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China.

We’d be happy to assist you with your motion control application. Please use the contact information below to enquire about our services.

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Press Release

HEX RC Multi-Axis Robotic Controller

Aerotech’s HEX RC is a 6-axis motion controller ideal for controlling robotic systems such as hexapods.

White Papers

Aerotech’s Hexapod Targets Medium-Load, Ultra-Precision Applications

Aerotech's HexGEN hexapods represent a significant advance in sex-degree-of-freedom positioning performance. 

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United Kingdom

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Press Release

26 December 2017

Aerotech’s PRO series industrial linear motor and ball-screw positioning stages are now available in new sizes and with new features and significantly improved performance.

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19 December 2017

FiberMaxHP is a second-generation 3-6 axis photonics alignment platform built on Aerotech’s proven ANT nanopositioning product line.

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12 December 2017

Aerotech´s QNP3 series XYZ piezo positioning stages combine sub-nanometer resolution, high dynamics, and excellent geometric performance in a compact three-degree-of-freedom (DoF) package.

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5 December 2017

Aerotech´s QFOCUS® QF-50 piezo nanopositioning stage is designed for high-performance microscope objective and optics positioning.

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28 November 2017

The ASR1300 high-speed, direct-drive rotary stage achieves accelerations of up to 8000rad/s² and reaches speeds greater than 1500rpm in only 90° of travel, making it perfect for the most demanding tube-handling applications and high-throughput manufacturing processes.

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21 November 2017

Aerotech’s HEX RC is a 6-axis motion controller ideal for controlling robotic systems such as hexapods.

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21 November 2017

The Nmark® GCL controls Aerotech’s AGV series scanners resulting in industry-leading settling times, long-term thermal stability, and micron-level tracking accuracy due to advanced features such as full state feed-forward, 200kHz servo rates, and look-ahead-based velocity control.

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14 November 2017

Aerotech’s QNP2 series XY, parallel-kinematic, piezo positioning stages combine sub-nanometer resolution, high dynamics, and excellent geometric performance in a compact, low-profile package.

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7 November 2017

Aerotech’s QFOCUS™ QF-46 piezo nanopositioning stage series enables microscope objective and optics positioning at high-speeds with nanometer-level performance.

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31 October 2017

Aerotech’s QNPHD linear piezo nanopositioning stages provide the benefits of both a stage and actuator in one compact, high-stiffness package.

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10 October 2011

The MPS50SL miniature linear positioning stage is perfect for the confines of the laboratory while retaining the high reliability required in production environments.

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11 August 2011

Aerotech manufactures high-performance motion systems and components for medical and life sciences applications including stent cutting, cardiac pacemaker and catheter laser welding systems, IOL and contact lens manufacturing, DNA sequencing, blood sequencing, haptic mills and drills, X-ray machi

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Aerotech United Kingdom

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