ACS Motion Control, an international manufacturer of advanced multi-axis motion controllers, machine controllers and integrated control modules, has developed high-speed motion control modules that provide comprehensive diagnostics and safety handling.

ACS’ SPiiPlus series and MC4U series of motion controllers feature program default response mechanisms that can be customised to detect over-positioning (position error), over-current and over-velocity in medical instrumentation applications to automatically trigger a kill command of the machine’s movement.

In addition, the motion controller has a dedicated real-time operating system that guarantees deterministic fail-safe operation of the controller including safety conditions and motion systems. The robust operating system ensures reliable and precise motion.

The advanced motion controllers also provide hardware-based positioning comparison for triggering imaging devices based on a patient’s position. Typical applications include X-ray, CT-scan, MRI and nuclear imaging. This position event generator (PEG) automatically and immediately triggers the image device based on the positioning encoder feedback loop.

“Our high performance SPiiPlus and MC4U motion controllers are ideal for medical instrumentation applications as they are designed with advanced safety features that ensure patient safety. If set parameters are incorrect or violated for any reason, motion automatically ceases until the parameters are corrected,” said Eyal Segev, sales director at ACS Motion Control.

The cost-effective motion controllers also feature distributed axis and I/O control using CANOpen or HSSI channels.