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Ultrasonic Fluid Detection Sensors

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Cosense, Inc. is an industry leader in the custom design and manufacture of non-invasive ultrasonic fluid detection sensors including air-in-line and air bubble detectors, continuous and point liquid level sensors. These sensor products are designed with integral, microprocessor based circuitry. Thresholds for the detection of air are derived directly from customer specifications.

Cosense also offers the unique ML-101 series non-contact sensors used for scanning liquid level or fill verification in multi-well microplates, assay trays, blood vials, etc., as well as for robotic applications.

Cosense custom designs sensor products based on OEM specifications while providing optimum quality, reliability and precision ultrasonic technology.


Ultrasonic air-in-line detectors have a wide range of applications for the detection of air, foam or particles vs. liquid in various sizes and types of tubing and also in drip chambers.

Cosense AD-101 series air-in-line / air bubble detectors are custom designed with various input and output options including RS-232 interface.
Cosense SE-601 sonic eye sensors safely detect liquid level, foam or air in drip chambers, air columns and vessels without contacting the fluid.
Cosense SL-730 continuous level sensors non-invasively monitor fluid level in plastic containers simply by placing them on top of an integral sensor 'pad' assembly.
SL-630 series point liquid level sensors mount directly to the side of plastic vessels or containers to indicate critical fluid levels without possibility of contamination.
ML-101 series level / distance measurement systems provide fill verification from single vials and bottles to multi-well microplates and arrays.

For medical devices, air-in-line or air bubble sensors are typically utilized to guarantee the proper operation of a procedure where undetected air or absence of liquid could cause a process to fail.

Since these ultrasonic sensors are non-contact to the blood, liquid medication, saline solution, etc., there is no danger of contamination to the fluids. Optional features include bubble size quantification and ‘cumulative air detection over time’. Variables such as ambient light, dielectric constants, fluid or tubing color and density are eliminated through the use of Cosense air-in-line sensors.

Common medical applications for air detection sensors include apheresis, infusion pumps, auto-transfusion, cell salvage, hemodialysis, immunoassay systems, chromatography, separations technology and more. Other applications include detecting the end-of-stream / end-of-cycle in fluid metering and dispensing systems as well as dry-line conditions in fluidic pump systems.


Non-invasive liquid level detectors, controls and indicators are designed for various tanks, reservoirs, vessels and drip chambers utilized in the medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical markets.

All Cosense liquid level switches utilize highly reliable ultrasonic sensing technology and are designed specific to customer requirements and operating conditions, including corrosive, sanitary and high temperature environments.

Depending on the application and type of container, level sensors can be designed to operate from a continuous bottom-up, top-down or point level side-view mode. Applications include patient-connected devices, blood reservoirs, water purification systems, hospital room waste control and more.


Cosense ML-101 series ‘ultrasonic beam through air’ sensors offer precision measurement for rapidly determining liquid level in bottles, vials, test tubes, 96 and 384 microplates, assay wells and more.

ML-101 series sensors offer accuracies of up to ±0.0002in (±0.005mm). Sensor and circuit board options are available for applications involving single channel (one sensor and board) or multiplexed sensing systems operating up to 12 sensor heads in an array at once, such as when scanning multi-well microplates for fill verification.

Common applications include autosamplers, titration equipment, microsampling devices, test tube racks, along with general lab automation and robotics related applications.

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