Cosense, an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of OEM ultrasonic fluid detection and control solutions, now offers additional multi-channel electronics options for its sanitary, non-contact ML series transmitter systems which provide high precision detection of liquid level / fill verification in microplates, test tubes, vials, etc., as well as distance measurement, surface profiling and material thickness on semiconductor wafers and more. Customers can now choose from circuit boards to control one to as many as 12 transmitter channels at a time. Multiplexing electronics boards can be connected in series for additional channels.

Cosense ML transmitter systems produce measurement results with a minimum accuracy of +/- 0.0075in ( 0.19mm) with higher accuracy as great as +/- 0.0005in (0.01mm) achievable based on integrated design and operating environment. ML transmitter systems can be optimized for specific applications by adjusting functional parameters through the RS-232 data port. Cosense has provided ultrasonic sensors to the medical, biotech, semiconductor and industrial markets for 20 years. Please contact Cosense or visit their website to view ultrasonic sensor products including continuous and point liquid level sensors, air bubble / air-in-line detectors, precision measurement, flow, etc.