maxon motor’s ENX 16 RIO encoder is a top-of-the-range, high-resolution encoder that offers an impressive resolution of up to 65,536 counts per turn in a compact and rugged housing.

Requirements on encoders are becoming more and more demanding. This applies particularly to positioning applications with precision constant-speed control, where increasingly compact housings need to accommodate an ever greater number of electrical contacts.

maxon motor solves this problem with its new ENX 16 RIO optical encoder. It is a mere 16mm in size and offers a resolution of up to 65,536 counts per turn, making it ideal for the precise position and velocity control of direct current (DC) motors.

The new maxon ENX 16 RIO encoder (reflective, interpolated, optical) fulfils all the requirements for a high-resolution optical encoder in a compact design. The resolution can be configured at the factory or online.

With 16mm outer diameter and 7mm overall length, the housing is mechanically robust and protected from dust due to its injection-moulded construction. The operating temperature range is -40°C to 100°C.

Easily configured online for combinations with maxon motors

The encoder can be combined and configured with matching drives online. It fits the new brushless EC-i 30 motors and the brushed DCX motors (diameters of 16mm and up). The counts per turn and the electrical interface of the ENX 16 RIO encoder are also configurable online.

All combination options and detailed product information is available in the maxon online shop, or you can make an enquiry using the contact form on this page for custom advice