maxon motor develops and builds precision drive systems. The company’s DC motors with ironless windings are among the best in the world and are used wherever the requirements are high and engineers cannot afford compromises.

maxon motors drive Nasa’s Mars rovers. They can also be found in insulin pumps, surgical power tools, humanoid robots and in precision industrial applications.

Precision motors for medical markets

maxon medical is a business division within maxon motor. Wherever maximum power is needed in the smallest spaces, the precision motors of maxon medical are employed. We serve a variety of specialised markets within the medical industry, such as diagnostics, therapy, surgery, prosthetics, laboratory technology, dental technology and pharmacy.

For use in high-speed medical applications of up to 90,000 rpm, maxon motor extends the product range by two sterilisable 50W drives 'EC Size 5' and 'EC 13'.
Highly accurate motion control is necessary when manipulating robotic surgical tools to perform an operation inside the human body. All DC servootors are designed and manufactured by maxon.
Smallest dimensions, largest performance – maxon medical’s micro drives have a modular concept: motor, gearhead and electronics are combined in one system.
maxon motor 9.2 flat custom-made design.
The ironless rotors are reliable, longer-lasting and, thanks to their 90%-plus efficiency, have exceptionally high performance. The end results are superior acceleration, long service life and reduced energy consumption.
A 3D model of the Scalevo wheelchair, which uses Maxon's brushless DC motors.
Maxon's GP 52 C Gearhead and the EPOS2 70/10 Controller were both used in the Scalevo Wheelchair.
The da Vinci robot uses 39 DC motors by Maxon and is operated by a surgeon at the console.
Maxon's RE and RE-max 29 motors were used in the da Vinci robot, providing strong performance at low-cost.

High-precision drives for medical devices

You’ll find our reliable drive solutions in such medical devices as:

  • Insulin pumps
  • Surgical robots
  • Prostheses
  • Incubators
  • Ophthalmosurgical devices
  • Operation microscopes
  • Radiation equipment
  • Precision liquid handling systems
  • Respiratory care devices

Drives for battery-powered medical devices

Developed and produced for the well-being of mankind, our reliable drives enable battery-powered medical devices, for example, to become smaller and more efficient.

Customised drives for medical devices

The premium-quality drive solutions from maxon medical fully satisfy medical industry demands for high quality and superior service. Along with our standard product programme designed and assembled within our modular system, maxon medical offers customised drive solutions developed in close collaboration with our customers. The latest standards and international norms are an integral part of our business processes, which undergo continual improvement. maxon medical is certified according to ISO 13485 and 9001:2008.

maxon motor stands for premium quality, innovation, competitive prices and a worldwide sales network. However, what distinguishes us most is the quality of the solution that we achieve with and for our customers. See what we can do for you.