Once again at CYBATHLON, people with physical disabilities will compete against each other in exciting races supported by state-of-the-art technical assistance systems.

Taking place on 2-3 May 2020, the event will see new challenges for the contestants and engineers in all disciplines. As a presenting partner, maxon is at the forefront.

Overcoming everyday obstacles and driving technological development

The first CYBATHLON event in 2016 set the bar high and cleared it with ease. With a sold-out arena, enthusiastic teams and global media coverage, it comes as no surprise that ETH Zurich decided to continue the CYBATHLON. The organisers have set their sights even higher for the second instalment.

One year from now, CYBATHLON 2020 will take place again in the Swiss Arena in Zurich, with competitions in the same six disciplines: virtual racing using thought control, bicycle racing with electrical muscle stimulation (FES), dexterity challenges with prosthetic arms, obstacle courses with prosthetic legs, obstacle courses with robotic exoskeletons and obstacle courses for powered wheelchairs.

However, a few things are changing. The event will take two full days, which means that more teams will be able to participate, and there are new challenges in each discipline. For example, the wheelchair circuit now includes opening a door with the aid of a robotic arm.

maxon supports participating teams

Drive specialist maxon supported CYBATHLON 2016 as a partner. Among other contributions, the trainees of the company built a height-adjustable podium.

maxon joined the second event without hesitation, this time as a presenting partner.

CEO Eugen Elmiger says: “We believe that excellent engineers with a curiosity for new things can make the world a better place. This is why maxon has supported the CYBATHLON right from the start.”

The company is involved in many of the participating teams, offering support with discounted drives and know-how through its Young Engineers programme.

Tickets available soon

Most of the slots for contestants in the six disciplines are already taken, with two-thirds of the teams coming from universities. For the time being, they are in the development and testing stage, to conquer all of the obstacles successfully in a year’s time.

Secure your seats early and experience the exciting contests live on 2 and 3 May. Tickets are available soon.