Drive specialist maxon motor presented exciting products at one of the world’s largest technology trade shows.

Some products that were featured include flat motors with improved performance, a line of modular industrial drives, as well as DC motors and angular gearheads from Parvalux, the latest addition to the maxon group.

maxon motor presented new solutions that will benefit customers all over the world.

Special attention should be paid to the new IDX line, a modular drive system for applications in industrial automation or logistics automation that consists of a motor and an integrated EPOS4 controller that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The IDX compact drives will be configurable online.

Solutions with no performance limits

Parvalux made a special appearance at the maxon stand this year. The established UK company has been part of the maxon group since the beginning of the year and expands the product portfolio with DC and AC motors up to 1.5kW, as well as suitable angular gearheads.

These are used for a wide variety of applications, from stair lifts to transport systems and industrial robots. maxon CEO Eugen Elmiger comments: “We will no longer have an upper-performance limit in the future.”

maxon has also boosted the performance of its popular brushless flat motors (with diameters of 60mm and 90mm). A new design has resulted in significant performance increases of up to 100%. Both the EC 60 flat and the EC 90 flat drives are now available as power-up versions, either with an open rotor or with an attached fan. As a result of optimal motor cooling, the EC 60 flat now delivers 200W of power, while the EC 90 flat achieves 600W.

The flat motors are particularly suitable for applications where space is limited but high drive power is needed. Some logistics applications include belt drives or autonomous vehicles.

In addition, maxon presented further innovations such as the ENX EASY XT encoder for use in harsh environments, or the tiny brushless ECX Speed with a diameter of 6mm, which can be configured online like all of the other X drives.