Maxon motor's formulae handbook.The extensive collection with illustrations and descriptions includes formulae, terminology and explanations of the calculations that are relevant for drive systems. A flow chart provides assistance in selecting the right drive for each purpose.

The Formulae Handbook lists the most important formulae in relation to all components of the drive system. It makes use of a flow chart that supports quick selection of the correct drive. Numerous illustrations and the clear descriptions of the symbols on the respective page make it easier for the reader to understand the formulae.

Roughly speaking, it is a collection of the most important formulae from the maxon catalogue, as well as from the book ‘The selection of high-precision microdrives’, published by maxon academy. The author of the book, Dr Urs Kafader, head of the maxon academy, gave the initiative to compile the Formulae Handbook to Jan Braun, technical instructor at the maxon academy. The book ‘The selection of high-precision microdrives’ contains extensive know-how from the 50-year-long success story of maxon DC drives with low power (below approx. 500 W).

The new Formulae Handbook is intended for engineers, lecturers and students, as a perfect supplement to the above-mentioned book.

The Formulae Handbook consists of 58 pages in A5 format and is available free of charge in German and English.