New brushless DC motors in the ECX series product line.

Swiss drive specialist maxon motor has introduced two additional brushless direct current (DC) motors in its recently launched ECX series product line.

These fast, powerful, and easily configured motors are complemented with new modules for the compact EPOS4 positioning controller, which has a high-power density and easy handling.

The small-size positioning controllers close the gap in the lower-powered range, setting new standards for compactness and performance.

EPOS4 controllers are well-matched to maxon motors’ brushed and brushless DC motors. This positioning controller offers exceptional power density, is compact, and can be easily and modularly expanded for Ethernet-based interfaces.

The company’s customers also get free software libraries, application examples, documentation, support, and the EPOS Studio, a software with automatic controller tuning.

maxon is also expanding the ECX SPEED drives with the addition of the ECX SPEED 16 and ECX SPEED 16 High Power (16mm diameter). These compact micromotors are optimised for high-speeds, with extremely smooth running and minimal heat build-up.

The stronger magnets and optimised winding technology of the high-power version offers extra torque and even greater efficiency.

Like all products in the X drives family, these motors can be conveniently configured online from home. They are shipped in no more than 11 working days.