The new issue of ‘driven’, the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of technology to your tablet, interactive and easy-to-understand.

In particular, the focus is on aviation engineering of today and tomorrow: from the use of drive systems in modern airliners to the aircraft of the future. The tablet magazine is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

In the new 2//2013 edition of ‘driven’, aerospace technology takes center stage. Find out which aircraft components are driven by maxon motors and what their functions are. For example, did you know that maxon drives are used to improve the air climate in the passenger cabin or used to operate the autopilot in the cockpit?

We take a look at the future, at the hypersonic aircraft of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) – working towards the possibility that 40 years from now, passengers could fly from Paris to Sydney in a mere 90 minutes. Another new feature is an interactive 360° view of the surface of Mars, the red planet – to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Mars rover Curiosity.

Check out the Expertise section of the driven magazine to enhance your own knowledge in the selection of drive systems. The topics of the current technical articles include electric motors in a vacuum, which for example, are used in production lines for the semiconductor industry or in space. In this section, readers can also try their hand at solving a drive puzzle. The winners can select their own DCX drive online and configure it to match their special application.

‘driven – the maxon motor magazine’ is published three times a year for iPad and Android tablet PCs. At the end of each year, highlights from the three tablet issues will be compiled in a print edition. The maxon magazine is available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.