maxon motor’s new brushless EC 90 flat motor features optimum torque in a compact design. This, and all other drives in this series of motors, is now also available with cables.

The EC 90 flat has a diameter of 90mm and is available in two versions, with 160W or 260W of power. In the 260W version, the motor delivers a torque of up to 1nm, which makes it one of the most powerful drives.

Its characteristics make the 260W version of the EC 90, an interesting choice for direct drives. Possible applications include wheel drives, logistics systems and pumps. In combination with the MILE encoder, this brushless DC motor is ideal for positioning tasks.

maxon now offers cable versions of the new EC 90 flat models and the smaller EC 45 flat motors. By default, the cables are attached to the motor and come with a connector.

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