New Maxon Programme

In 2012, maxon motor presents new motors, gearheads, servo controllers, digital positioning controllers and integrated MILE encoders.

The new catalogue of the specialist for high-precision drives and systems is now available: maxon motor has been investing in the constant development of innovative products for many years.

This year is no different – there is an abundance of new products. The 390 pages of the maxon catalogue 2012/13 are packed with technical data of motors, gearheads and sensors. Additionally the catalogue includes all details on intelligent control electronics for DC and EC drives.

The maxon catalogue 2012/13, with roughly 3,100 products, represents the entire product programme of the Swiss manufacturer of precision drive systems. Spread across 390 pages, more than 1,720 brushed and brushless DC motors, 993 gearheads, 199 spindle drives, 65 sensors, diverse drive electronics and much more are presented.

On a broad scale, many innovations expand the maxon product range. For example, the new GP 22 HD planetary gearhead complements the robust EC 22 HD (heavy duty) standard motor perfectly – this ‘power couple’ is suitable for all extreme usage conditions – from thousands of metres under the earth to outer space.

Some of the other innovations include new flat motors, such as the EC 45 flat (Ø 45 mm, 70 W) and EC 60 flat (Ø 60 mm 100 W), flat motors with integrated MILE encoders, the GP 26 A (Ø 26 mm, 0.75-4.5 Nm) and GP 16 C (Ø 16 mm, 0.2-0.6 Nm) planetary gearheads, the GP 16 S (Ø 16 mm) spindle drive, the ESCON 36/2 and ESCON 50/5 servo amplifiers and the new programmable EPOS3 EtherCAT digital positioning controller.

On the DVD provided, the reader can browse through the maxon catalogue and save or print data sheets. Additionally, all dimensional drawings are available in DXF and STEP format and can therefore be imported into any CAD system.

The DVD also contains the maxon selection programme (msp), which helps the user to quickly and easily select the optimal drive solution from the vast range of possible combinations.

To enable easier assessment, visual representations of the variants and alternatives are shown. Additionally, the ‘selection guide’ has been supplemented: now the user can immediately see which accessories are still required for connecting the selected motor with the recommended electronics. The msp is the ideal tool for interested customers who want to identify and solve a drive problem by themselves.

You can also find the entire modular system of maxon motor, with all products, documentation and CAD data, in our online shop. The print catalogue can be ordered free of charge on the company’s website.