The new issue of 'driven', available for Apple iOS and Google Android

The new issue of ‘driven’, the maxon motor magazine, brings stories and applications from the field of medical technology to your tablet, interactive and easy to understand. This issue is all about implants and prosthetics, ranging from a state-of-the-art motorized prosthetic hand to an implanted medication pump. The tablet magazine is available for Apple iOS and Google Android.

In the new issue 1//2013 of ‘driven’, implants and prosthetics take center stage. Learn about the fascinating possibilities of modern prosthetics and how maxon products are used in artificial limbs. For example, did you know that the gripping movement and gripping force of modern hand prostheses are powered by maxon drives? And even today, minimotors are pumping fluids and medications through human bodies.

Check out the Expertise section of the driven tablet magazine to enhance your knowledge in the selection of drive systems. The current issue addresses the problem of synchronizing the control of multiple drives. In this section, readers can also try their hand at solving a difficult drive puzzle. The main prize is a three coaxial helicopter waiting for a skilled pilot to operate the controls.

driven – the maxon motor magazine is published three times a year for iPad and Android tablet PCs. At the end of each year, highlights from the three tablet issues will be compiled in a print edition. The maxon magazine is available as a free download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.