In addition to its well-approved EC 22 motors, maxon now offers variants for both 40W and 100W. Sterilisable versions are also available for medical use.

The performance-optimised drives are equipped with preloaded ball bearings and latest generation Neodymium permanent magnets. The motors are designed for low-loss operation and feature low vibration and low noise levels even at high speeds. They can be considered as real ‘economical high performers’ and they convince with their nominal torque of up to 44mNm, an efficiency of more than 90% and now with a 25% reduced speed/torque gradient.

All motors are available with Hall sensors or sensorless and with up to four different windings. They can be combined with a variety of standard gearheads and the sterilisable planetary gearhead GP 22 M in a wide range of variations. As a perfect motor’s match, the maxon modular system also features servo amplifiers and positioning controllers in a number of variants.

Please visit maxon motor’s website for additional information on the new drives.