It’s a silent revolution. However, it can’t be stopped. People are increasingly using electrical power for personal transportation and for moving goods, which creates new requirements for drive technology.

Fifty years ago, who would have thought that a family could go on a road trip in their car without burning a drop of gasoline? Or that even untrained cyclists could tour the mountains? Or that pulling weeds could be a task for robots, not people? These are only three of many examples that show the influence of electric drive systems on our daily lives and our mobility.

The latest issue of maxon’s magazine driven is all about developments and trends in e-mobility. Readers will learn about battery development at maxon and meet a friendly superhero with a disability. There’s also an in-depth technical article about inductance in iron-core DC motors.

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driven is published twice a year in three languages and is full of interesting articles, interviews and news regarding the world of drive technology.

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