As an addition to the ESCON controller family, maxon motor is proud to announce a miniaturised +++OEM plug-in module.

The high-performance four-quadrant pulse width modulation (PWM) servo motor controller is designed to command permanent magnet activated brushed and brushless DC motors, with Hall sensors of up to 48W continuous output and 144W peak output.

The innovative OEM plug-in module features excellent controller characteristics and drift-free behaviour enables speeds of up to 150.000rpm.

It provides extensive functionality with free configurable digital and analog inputs / outputs and can be operated in various modes.

Modes include closed loop, open loop, and current controller. The miniaturised ESCON Module 24/2 suits the highest-demanding applications, by easily integrating into complex applications.

A detailed motherboard design guide is available for integration to OEM printed circuit boards (PCBs) and a suitable motherboard makes initial commissioning simple.

The compact DC servo controller is controlled by an analog set value, which can be specified by means of analog voltage, external or internal potentiometer, defined value, through PWM signal, or with RC servo signal with variable duty cycle.

Other features include the ability to enable or disable the power stage depending on the direction of rotation, as well as acceleration and deceleration by employing defined speed ramps.

Speed can be controlled by means of digital incremental encoder (two channel, with or without line driver), DC tacho, or Hall sensors.

The servo controller was designed specifically for easy start-up and user-friendliness, without requiring in-depth knowledge of drive technology. When connected to a PC via a USB port, it can easily and efficiently be parameterised with the graphical user interface ESCON Studio.

Various functions and user-friendly wizards, as well as an automated fine-tuning controller procedure assist during commissioning, configuration of inputs and outputs, and diagnostics.

The ESCON Module 24/2 features protective circuitry against over current, excess temperature, under voltage and overvoltage, voltage transients and short-circuits in the cable.

It is also equipped with protected digital inputs, outputs and adjustable current limitation to protect motor and load. Motor current and actual motor shaft speed can be monitored by means of analog output voltage.

The wide range of input voltage, an operating temperature of +60°C (140°F) and a surplus derating allows flexible use in most solutions, such as small electronic appliances and equipment engineering or robotics.

With exceptional efficiency at 92% and miniature dimensions, the ESCON Module 24/2 is a good choice for mobile, highly efficient and consumption-optimised applications.