Schneeberger provides linear bearings and customised solutions for various fields of application.

The right linear bearing depends on the respective application. Schneeberger produces type R and RD roller guideways and uses recirculating units for unlimited stroke.

If the user only requires limited stroke, type RN and RNG cage-guided roller variants provide the best solution, as they offer optimal results in terms of load-bearing capacity and rigidity.

If the application requires a high level of smooth running with load-bearing capacity and rigidity playing subordinate roles, type R and RN ball-bearing mounted guideways yield excellent results.

To meet conflicting requirements such as extremely high load-bearing capacity, rigidity, precision and reduced smooth running, Schneeberger recommends its type N/O and M/V needle bearing-mounted guideways with cage assist.

The cage reliably prevents pulsations of any kind and optimises running behaviour. All linear bearings are available in various sizes and performance categories.

Depending on the hardening process used, guideways with dimensions of up to 60mm x 320mm and a length (inductively hardened) of 6m or dimensions up to 50mm x 150mm and a length (fully hardened) of 3m can be produced.

This means in principle, levels of accuracy of 2µm per metre and surface quality standards of up to Ra = 0.3µm in peripheral grinding are feasible.