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High-Precision and Reliable Components for Medical Device Applications

With its expertise in engineering, Schneeberger is one of the leading names when it comes to groundbreaking innovations in linear technology.

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With its expertise in engineering, Schneeberger is one of the leading names when it comes to groundbreaking innovations in linear technology.

Complete linear solutions for medical devices

Linear bearings, profiled linear guideways, measuring systems, gear racks, slides, positioning systems and mineral casting are all part of Schneeberger’s product and manufacturing range.

Schneeberger serves original equipment manufacturers operating in various industries worldwide, from machine tool, solar technology and semiconductor technology, to electrical engineering, medical engineering and others.

SCHNEEBERGER provides a range of linear bearings for medical devices with integrated measuring systems.
Linear bearings play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumours.
Our solutions increase the operating life of medical devices.
Wherever devices and machines need to make highly dynamic and precise linear movements, our guides meet the requirements.
SCHNEEBERGER offers robust and durable miniature linear guideways.
MINIRAIL guideways always ensure that linear movements are carried out precisely.

Linear bearings to increase service life of medical devices

Our products not only prolong the lives of machines, but also people.

Wherever devices and machines need to make highly dynamic and precise linear movements, linear guides meet the requirements with integrated FORMULA-S cage control systems. FORMULA-S guarantees that the cage, supported by frictionless bearings, is guided reliably in the centre of two rails. Linear bearings play a vital role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tumours.

The more precise the movements, the more meaningful the tomography images, X-rays and tissue probes, which produces more accurate diagnosis. FORMULA-S is also a key component for the electronics sector. The technology is so mature that Schneeberger now supplies the world’s leading manufacturers of wire bonders, sometimes also integrating customer-specific products.

Customer benefits of Linear bearings FORMULA-S include:

  1. The cage is always centered despite any application-specific influences (such as uneven load, high-acceleration, installation orientation, temperature variation)
  2. No time lost due to corrective adjustments, resulting in very high mean time between failures (MTBF) and mean time between repair (MTBR)
  3. Selected preload has no effect on the control system
  4. Long lifetime due to selection of materials and rack profile
  5. Supports vacuum applications to 10mbar-7mbar

Technology to improve diagnosis

Our capacity for innovation allows us to develop in the following markets and industries.

Market examples:

  • Dental technology
  • Medical technology
  • Laboratory
  • Diagnostic for producing more accurate diagnosis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of tumours
  • Biotechnology

Industry examples:

  • Semiconductor industry such as: E-beam wafer vacuum Inspection, E-beam wafer vacuum, E-beam water vacuum inspection and metrology inspection, wafer inspection and metrology, mask inspection and repairs
  • Flat panel such as: photospacer metrology, individual pixelprinting using inkjet technology
  • Solar – photovoltaics
  • Electronics
  • Optical
  • Printing
  • Laser processing

Industrial medical and life science technologies

Schneeberger Miniature guide system advantages include:

  • High-rigidity
  • Maximum precision and positioning accuracy
  • Very smooth
  • Very low push forces

Advantages of the miniature guides MINIRAIL include:

  • Highest process stability at speeds of 5m/s and accelerations of 300m/s² (30g)
  • Exchangeable carriages
  • Low-risk of contamination thanks to small clearance between carriage and rail
  • High-load carrying capacity
  • Vacuum-compatible up to 10mbar-7mbar

Engineering expertise in medical device applications

In Schneeberger, you have a partner who will supply you with well-designed solutions for your entire motion and positioning requirements for many different applications. We rely on expertise in three core fields:

  • Engineering know-how: we plan projects for and develop highly complex positioning systems, multi-axis motion stages, linear bearings, miniature guides, including those for particularly demanding applications such as high-vacuum environments
  • Application know-how: we have successfully tested a range of system approaches in many different industries and under a range of conditions. On this basis, we work together with our customers to evaluate the optimum products and projectspecific solutions
  • Manufacturing and integration know-how: we manufacture mechanical sub-assemblies and assemble highly complex, high-precision systems, while guaranteeing a very secure source of supply

Using our standard component range, we are able to produce tailored solutions within a very short time frame, from single axes with integrated control units, to highly complex systems based on mineral cast constructions. When it comes to integration, we always go just as far as the customer wants us to.

Schneeberger is also able to control complex motion systems with great precision. In its positioning systems, Schneeberger Systems uses the tried-and-tested components and expertise of Schneeberger linear motion technology and mineral casting, and is able to consistently implement these diverse resources into customer-specific total solutions.

Positioning systems, guideways, gear racks and customised bearings

From standard components to complete systems, Schneeberger offers a unique spectrum of products and services for medical application and for other industries.

Alongside standard components, Schneeberger manufactures complete systems, often including a range of Schneeberger components.

When we build the complete system, our customers benefit from our expertise in components. Because we manufacture the components ourselves, we develop them so that they can be optimised for use alongside each other.

As we also build complete systems, we know what requirements our components have to meet in order to do their jobs in complex systems. Schneeberger’s vertical range of manufacturing is unique in the marketplace, which is the same advantage that our customers gain.

Products include:

  • Customised bearings
  • Gear racks
  • Profiled miniature guideways MINIRAIL with balls
  • Miniature profiled linear guideways with integrated distance measuring system MINISCALE with balls
  • Linear bearings, available also with cage assist
  • Frictionless tables and slides with rollers and balls, available also with cage assist
  • Mineral casting
  • Profiled linear guideways MONORAIL BM with balls
  • Profiled linear guideways based on MONORAIL BM manufactured from corrosion-resistant steel
  • Positioning systems
  • Integrated distance measuring system AMS for MONORAIL

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