Schneeberger Linear Technology has released the Minislide MSQ family of table slides.

The MINISLIDE MSQ design incorporates four rows or rolling elements in gothic arches, which produces a high capacity and smooth travel in a robust design that can withstand high speed and acceleration applications without reducing product life.

Low push force is achieved with the new MSQ design reducing stiction in the most demanding applications.

By designing sliding elements and saddle in the shape of an O, the MINISLIDE MSQ ensures larger inner space and a high level of evenly distributed force from all directions.

Schneeberger distribution vice-president Scott Harmon said: “Integrating our rack and pinion, anti-cage creep system allows for high speed vertical applications without having to worry about re-centering the cage.

“The mechanical limits protect the cage control mechanism and make installation and maintenance easy.”

With sizes ranging from 7mm to 15mm and strokes from 20mm to 102mm, the MINISLIDE MSQ is ideally suited for repetitive applications where speeds up to three meters/second and accelerations up to 30g are required.

Harmon said: “By using through-hardened stainless steel and PEEK inserts, MINISLIDE MSQ products are vacuum compatible to ten – seven mbar out-of-the-box.

“Options for ultra-high vacuum to ten – nine mbar are also available.

“In addition to superior engineering, precision manufacturing means the MINISLIDE MSQ starts with a running accuracy of only three microns.”