Schneeberger offers cost-optimised solutions through its integrated measuring system for distance measurement, which can be used for a range of applications.

Users of linear technology often formulate requirements according to two primary criteria, which are to ensure the highest possible degree of precision, and best possible price-performance ratio.

Companies seek these criteria in many industries including medical and biotechnology sectors. Differences frequently occur due to size and technical design.

Schneeberger offers suitable solutions for diverse applications through its AMS (absolute or incremental) distance measuring system.

The system can be integrated into its MONORAIL profiled linear guide ways and its MINISCALE system, making it possible to take the most precise routes and maintain the closest tolerances.

As the guide way and measuring system are coordinated with one another as effectively as possible, the user does not have to carry out complex assembly work or adjustments.

As a result, the highest absolute and incremental accuracy class of ±5µm/m is achieved through integrated AMS solutions.

In the absolute system, positioning data is available immediately after the system is activated, and error monitoring and operating status display is integrated into the system.

The incremental AMS boasts protection category IP68, which means it can be used in environments with harsh conditions without any problems.

Maximum one-piece guide way length is six metres, and several MONORAIL lengths can be combined. In conjunction with the AMS long distance measuring system, a measuring length of more than 100m is possible.

Schneeberger also provides combined guiding and measuring in an extremely small footprint such as microscope tables.

The MINISCALE, which is based on the MINIRAIL, is suitable for this type of application. It has a resolution of 0.1µm and allows for measuring lengths of up to 1,000mm.

The optical measuring system is extremely small, allowing particularly compact and light designs.