When maximum precision and processing reliability are required in minimal space, the MINISLIDE miniature tables offers outstanding solutions.

The new generation Schneeberger miniature guide ways are extremely rigid and provides a high level of smoothness. Problematic cage creep is completely eliminated or reduced significantly.

MINISLIDE miniature guide ways are available in two designs, MSQ and MS, with rail widths of between 4mm and 15mm and with different strokes, resulting in low weight and excellent load carrying capacity and rigidity.

The MINISLIDE miniature tables MSQ 7, 9, 12 and 15 are characterised by a four track design and large, internal spacing is achieved.

Combined with the tracks offset of 90 degrees, the tables are able to continuously absorb high forces from all directions and guarantee enormous moment rigidity.

As a high number of rolling elements are utilised, system rigidity is enhanced, ensuring a high level of precision. Developers of MSQ miniature guide ways succeeded in completely eliminating cage creep with a well-engineered, robust cage control system.

Gear racks are directly incorporated into carriages and rails, and cage and gear wheels are made of premium plastic materials.

The compact, robust design and a minimum number of integral components ensure maximum reliability in all operating situations.

Even vertical installation or temperature fluctuations will not result in cage creep, resulting in higher ratings for travel speeds, accelerations and reducing cycle.