Positioning systems used in demanding industries such as semiconductor technology, medical engineering and solar technology must guarantee the highest level of precision and reliability, while maintaining an extremely high degree of purity.

These are requirements that Schneeberger Linear Technology is able to meet as effectively as possible using its customer-specific solutions.

This is possible due to a new cleanroom designed specifically for the production of these systems.

Schneeberger has specially modified products that can be used in various industries. In addition to precision and reliability, customers also require a particularly high degree of purity.

To ensure this, Schneeberger has invested in a new cleanroom in accordance with ISO: 6 standards. The clean room is used to produce positioning systems that must meet stringent requirements regarding the degree of purity maintained.

Any site involving mechanical motion will give rise to friction, which in turn causes wear and abrasion.

The technicians and engineers at Schneeberger know exactly where mini particles such as these may be formed, and developed systems that keep these particles out of the production process.

This is accomplished, for example, via a static charge at local abrasion points. These points are formed when the ball bearings in the linear bearing system move.

Using Schneeberger technology, even the finest particles are bound at the point of abrasion and kept clear from the production process.

Silicon sheaths are beneficial at another point of friction such as the energy chains. This can significantly reduce the formation of particles.