Mikrotech has announced today that they have updated their website, www.mikrotech.com. The company’s goals were to improve the visibility of the website and navigation for additional content in the future. In addition, the website was modified in line with recent changes to search engine optimization (SEO).

"We need to constantly enhance the user experience on the website," said John Whynott, technical director of Mikrotech. "Internet marketing is constantly evolving and we need to stay abreast of changes to make sure Mikrotech is connecting with the right target customers."

Mikrotech is a leading full service micromanufacturer of custom-designed components and subassemblies for medical devices used in minimally invasive surgery. Mikrotech offers a comprehensive range of services to support MIS designers and manufacturers in all phases of the product development cycle: micromachining, micromolding, insert micromolding, micro subassembly and design and manufacturing engineering assistance.