PI Ceramic is pleased to announce that it will be hosting its Faster Analysis & Higher Throughput for IVD Webinar on 25 November at 5PM London/12PM New York/9AM West Coast time.

Devices used for in IVD tests must work as quickly as possible and handle a high sample throughput. Simultaneously, they have to be compact and suitable for mobile use, i.e. battery-driven. Liquid handling systems for diagnostic devices must be able to control tiniest sample volumes in microfluidic channels with high speed. Piezo technology enables compact designs and it´s multifunctional qualities elevate your application to the next level.

Get insights into the possibilities piezo elements provide for the requirements of modern IVD testing devices: They perform tasks such as precise droplet generation, mixing, dosing, and sorting in the smallest space. Their ultrafast operation is contamination-free, which makes piezos suitable for medical applications like diagnostic instruments. PI’s piezo experts reveal the features of piezo elements, e.g. sub-assemblies or transducers, and prove their value with specific application examples.

Whether you’re interested in IVD, PoC, Cytometry, Array Spotting or Lab Automation: Take this opportunity to discuss your application specifics with PI as your possible partner!

For more information and to find out how to register, please follow this link.