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Contract Manufacturing, Outsourcing and R&D of Liquid Medical Devices

Teampac ensures the accurate testing, documentation and compliance of liquid medical devices.


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Ranging from product development to change and risk management, Teampac’s services include contract manufacturing, outsourcing and research and development (R&D) for brand owners within healthcare, hygiene and cosmetics markets.

The company ensures the accurate testing, documentation and compliance of liquid medical devices.

Teampac’s services are based on certified quality and process management principles, and meet the requirements of ISO: 9001, ISO: 13485 and ISO: 22716 certificates.

Adhesive remover wipes and liquids are effective and non-sting products that are manufactured by Teampac for brand owners in healthcare.
Skin barrier wipes and liquids manufactured by Teampac provide a protective layer on the skin and reduce irritation from adhesives.
Wound cleansing wipes and liquids manufactured by Teampac can be customised to meet specific customer requirements.
Private label surface cleaning wipes manufactured by Teampac are a smart and effective solution for cleaning surfaces.
Surface disinfection wipes manufactured by Teampac are effective and easy-to-use. The company offers various concepts and is also able to develop a customised solution.
Versatile body wipes are developed for waterless washing at hospitals, nursing homes and for daily use at home. Teampac offers a variety of solutions for brand owners.
Teampac has developed a resin salve to be used in the treatment of scratches, abrasions, smaller burns and inflamed wounds.

Ostomy and wound care solutions

Teampac produces and develops a wide range of solutions for ostomy and wound care for leading healthcare companies to complement their own product ranges.

The company’s offerings in this area include liquid medical devices, adhesive remover wipes, skin barrier wipes, incontinence wipes, disinfecting wipes and skin cleansing wipes, as well as lotions, liquids and gels.

Together with the healthcare and R&D professionals in its partnerships, Teampac consistently develops new solutions that are designed to increase compliance and ensure consistent care.

Disinfecting instruments and surfaces

Teampac and its partners have developed several innovative solutions for disinfecting instruments and surfaces. These are typically water-based solutions that include detergents or enzymes.

The company’s most popular disinfection solutions are single-packed wet wipes that include a precise dose of ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, chlorine or a similar agent.

Teampac offers concepts for various cleaning tasks, and its team develops new solutions to meet customer requirements. It puts safety first in all of its products, while ensuring they work just as expected.

Patient hygiene and skincare concepts

Teampac has a wide range of tested, high-quality concepts for patient hygiene and skincare. It provides solutions and expertise to companies that supply and/or manufacture products for hygiene in clinics and hospitals.

This contract-manufacturing portfolio includes a wide range of products for brand owners such as hand and skin disinfectants, surface cleaners, disinfectants and equipment detergents. The company also develops customised products.

About Teampac

Teampac is a privately owned contract manufacturer based in Finland. The company is a leading manufacturer of wet wipes and organic cosmetics, and its liquid medical and healthcare products are used worldwide.

Utilising expertise and seamless production processes, the company provides its customers with high-quality, safe and cost-effective medical devices. It works closely with its customers to build long-standing relationships based on mutual trust and shared product development goals.

Contact Teampac’s experts with any questions about your liquid medical device needs.

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