Beacon Converters, a sterilization-packaging manufacturer for the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, was honored with the Flexible Packaging Association’s Highest Achievement Award, Gold Award for Packaging Excellence and Silver Award for Environmental and Sustainability Achievement for the ConforMIS Orthopedic Drill and Pin Kit Wallet at the Flexible Packaging Association annual meeting and awards ceremony held in Naples, Florida on 9 March 2011.

The ConforMIS Drill and Pin Kit Wallet provides a flexible packaging alternative for a product category traditionally packaged in a rigid thermoformed tray. Multiple tiers of heavy sharpened metal components are individually organized and completely secured within. The unique design minimizes the packaging footprint while protecting the components from abrading each other and from puncturing the pouch.

When compared with a thermoformed tray solution, the wallet reduces the volume of packaging components by more than 93%. The 100% virgin HDPE wallet is flat rather than formed and can be stacked and shipped densely, with no loss of packaging volume in airspace. Significantly less space (volume) is required to warehouse and distribute the wallets versus the equivalent number of tray counterparts.

The ConforMIS Drill and Pin Kit packaged within the wallet is hand-loaded and inserted into a Next Day Air carrier package to get to the surgeon safely through one of the most challenging distribution environments.