CCL Healthcare - Secondary Printed Packaging for Medical Devices
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CCL Healthcare

Secondary Printed Packaging and Counterfeiting Prevention for Medical Devices

CCL Healthcare produces expandable content labels (ECLs), package inserts, outserts, booklets and folding cartons for the medical device industry.

120 Stockton Street,
08520 New Jersey,
United States of America

120 Stockton Street,
08520 New Jersey,
United States of America

CCL Healthcare products include labels, ECLs, printed literature, booklets, brand protection, cold chain solutions, folding cartons, smart packaging, flexible packaging, and 1:1 packaging solutions to meet specific project needs.

CCL Healthcare produces expandable content labels (ECLs), package inserts, outserts, booklets and folding cartons for the medical device industry.

Production of medical device labels

CCL’s packaging innovation team offers strategic services, including brand protection, supply chain integration, digital print production and package design.

The company’s digital production service ensures that clients can buy and receive printed packaging when required.

Packaging includes short or mid-sized runs for labels, folding cartons and specialty products, which can decrease cycle times, inventory and the risk of obsolescence.

Additional content includes serialisation with unique device identification (UDI) on labels, booklets and inserts, as well as enhanced graphics through offset production.

Multi-ply labels

CCL expandable content, two and three-ply labels are designed so information can easily be added to packages to meet regulations or for promotional coverage.

Since the booklet is affixed to the label, ECLs remain with the package and can be used as an insert, which can increase packaging line efficiencies.

Printed literature for instructions and directions for use on medicines

CCL produces instructions and directions for use (IFUS / DFUs) in any size, and pages can be stitched or glue bound.

Package inserts can be used to include device instructions or promotions.

Smart packaging for protection against counterfeit medical devices

A range of brands can be protected against counterfeiting, re-importation and diversion with CCL Healthcare services.

The company understands clients’ requirements and designs single or multi-layered packaging solutions that adapt according to their changing needs.

Multi-layered and rotating technology strategies are used to protect brands by adding RFID technology and variable barcodes.

CCL informs clients about what technologies are available so they can select the appropriate options for their specific situation and objectives. Secure and smart packaging components can also be customised.

Smart packaging tracks and trades medical devices more effectively. It accurately manages returns and credits to increase profitability, as well as customer satisfaction.

The packaging innovation team improves functionality and line efficiencies. The team is experienced in secondary printed packaging design and manufacturing and is accessible through a single contact.

CCL’s integrated supply chain system lessens the total cost by streamlining processes, inventory and eliminates the risk of obsolescence.

The company ensures packaging arrives exactly when it is needed at the right quantity to cut waste.

CCL provides certified supply and decreased testing so incoming quality assurance can be reduced, as well as cycle times and IQA resources.

About CCL Industries

CCL Industries is a $2.5bn global specialty packaging company with more than 10,500 employees at around 100 production sites in 29 countries on five continents.

The corporate offices are in Toronto, Canada, and Framingham, Massachusetts, US.

The company’s three business segments are label, avery and container. CCL has market focused businesses in areas that include healthcare, home and personal care, premium food and beverage, automotive and durables.

All divisions are self-contained with dedicated production sites and personnel focused on the specific needs of each industry.

CCL has 11 facilities in North America and 22 worldwide for secondary printed packaging.

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CCL Healthcare

120 Stockton Street



New Jersey

United States of America