Multisorb Technologies will showcase its sorbent technology for respiratory drug delivery (RDD) devices at RDD Europe in Antibes, France, from 5-8 May 2015.

Regarded as a premier venue for presenting the latest pulmonary and nasal drug delivery advances, the RDD conference is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Multisorb offers intelligent sorbent solutions designed to manage moisture, oxygen, odours and volatilised hydrocarbons for RDD devices.

Intelligent sorbents protect drug formulations from degradation and extend their shelf life through the supply chain and consumer use.
They can be incorporated into drug product packaging and device designs using Multisorb’s Drop-In, Fit-In and Built-In solutions.

Drop-In sorbent solutions manage moisture, oxygen, odours and volatilised hydrocarbons in secondary packaging for HFA aerosol and DPI drug / device combination products.

A Drop-In solution consists of a traditional sorbent in packet or canister form inside a pouch or rigid package, such as MiniPax, StripPax and IntelliSorb packets, as well as SorbiCap canisters.

Fit-In solutions, such as Multiform CSF sorbents, are custom manufactured to a particular shape and size to fit into a device, creating an onboard solution.

Using compressed intelligent sorbent technology, the Multiform CSF sorbent delivers twice the moisture management in the same volume of space as traditional, loose-fill sorbents.

This significantly increases the level of protection per unit volume, enhancing the physical and chemical stability profile of formulations inside the device system.

Drop-In and Fit-In sorbent solutions are frequently used in concert for sensitive DPI formulations for the management of moisture, oxygen, and volatilised hydrocarbons.

Multisorb’s Built-In integration approach provides protection for RDD formulations with the use of PolySorb sorbent components.

PolySorb components are created by incorporating adsorption properties into the thermoplastic structural components of the device, adding multifunctional capabilities to an existing injection moulded device part.

The approach provides protection for devices specifically engineered for repeat use.