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Physical and Chemical Stability in Healthcare Products Packaging

Multisorb Technologies provides internationally recognised solutions to protect and manage healthcare product packaging being affected by oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons or other substances.

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Multisorb Technologies provides internationally recognised solutions to protect and manage healthcare product packaging being affected by oxygen, moisture, hydrocarbons or other substances.

The company’s products are used throughout the medical industry, ensuring stability and consistency of in-vitro diagnostic, drug delivery and medical device products.

Sorbent development solutions to ensure physical and chemical stability

Multisorb personnel have extensive experience in the healthcare industry to ensure that any product stability issues are easily resolved.

MiniPax® Sorbent Packets is a Drop-In solution that manages oxygen, moisture, odor in packages.
StripPax® Sorbent Packets is a Drop-In solution that ensures stability is maintained.
StabilOx® Oxygen Absorbing Canisters are a Drop-In solution for eliminating oxygen from healthcare packaging.
Multiform® CSF with in-vitro diagnostics device is a Fit-In solution, which significantly increases functional moisture management capabilities per unit volume.
PolySorb® Sorbent Components is a technologically advanced Built-In solution that provides moisture control and is invisible to the consumer.

Customers are assisted by the use of a quality by design (QbD) based Calculations through Operations® programme. The entire development process is assessed, from design through to dispensing, taking specific sorbent requirements into account and providing solutions. This approach makes sure that decisions made in the developmental phases by engineers and chemists match-up with those taken in the product packaging stage.

A multi-step approach is implemented, where sorbent formulations are calculated with precision, the correct sorbent configuration is developed, and the sorbent solution is then delivered.

Optimisation of sorbent products

Sorbent product are optimised by the company through use of its proprietary SimulSorb™ and SimulOx™ pseudo-empirical modeling programmes.

These programmes help the prediction of outcomes in physical and chemical stability for healthcare products, devices, or components in their packaging.

In addition, the SimulSorb modeling programmes are particularly useful for predicting the presence of moisture in packaging or devices by determining the equilibrium relative humidity (ERH). The SimulOx programme is able to provide a similar approach for managing oxygen found in healthcare packaging.

However, when managing specific volatilized hydrocarbon in package headspace, it can be necessary to eliminate oxygen and moisture entirely. There may also be instances when moisture needs managing and a specific humidity needs to be maintained. In such cases, Multisorb’s multifunctional IntelliSorb® intelligent sorbent formulations have proven effective.

Customised sorbent solutions to manage moisture, oxygen and volatized hydrocarbons

When an optimized sorbent formulation has been established, it is presented in a Drop-In, Fit-In, or Built-In format that best fits the product’s needs. The company’s Drop-In sorbent solution manages oxygen, moisture, odor and any volatilized hydrocarbons found in secondary packaging. This solution consists of a sorbent in packet or canister positioned inside the pouch.

Fit-In solutions are produced to fit a specific space within a design and are compressed form sorbents. These provide improved protection against moisture in the same dimensional space, substantially boosting the level of functional moisture management per unit volume.

Advanced moisture management capabilities for healthcare packaging

Built-In solutions offer technologically advanced moisture management capabilities that are invisible to consumers. Sorbent material is built into an existing thermoplastic component, enabling sorbent protection in products that would not have any space available otherwise.

The customized Drop-In sorbent can be inserted into existing drug product packaging through use of its corresponding APA-series sorbent dispenser. Multisorb’s systems-based sorbent / dispenser approach provides optimal precision, efficiency and dependability, while offering high-quality solutions to make sure stability is present through a product’s entire shelf-life.

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  • Calculations through Operations

    Multisorb uses its SimulSorbTM and SimulOxTM proprietary pseudo-empirical modelling programs to design an optimised sorbent solution for moisture, oxygen, and volatiles management based on parameters specific to a product.

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