Multisorb Technologies has announced it will exhibit its medical spill and liquid containment solutions at AORN Surgical Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado from March 8-10 2015.

The company will be highlighting its SaniSorb M medical liquid solidifiers and DriMop liquid absorbers at the Colorado Convention Center in booth 4430.

SaniSorb M medical liquid solidifier is used in healthcare facilities to rapidly contain infectious red bag waste that is collected in negative pressure wound care therapy systems, and in operating room and endoscopy suction canisters.

The self-activating technology contains a super absorbent polymer within a durable water-soluble clear film pouch, which quickly dissolves upon contact with bio-fluids. The polymer acts quickly to absorb and immobilise potentially infectious bio-hazardous waste.

SaniSorb M medical liquid solidifier provides an effective solution for medical facilities that must adhere to shipping requirements stipulated by US Department of Transportation’s Hazardous Materials Regulations, by using sufficient amounts of absorbent material to protect medical red bag waste when it is being handled, stored and transported within a facility, or outside of it.

Multisorb will also exhibit its super absorbent DriMop liquid absorber, which absorbs a wide range of aqueous solutions for efficient containment of smaller spills.

DriMop liquid absorbers offer an ideal solution for the shipping, storing, and handling of aqueous solutions that must be contained.
DriMop is available in self-bursting pouches and laminated sheets.

The specially formulated DriMop pouches and sheets quickly solidify liquids so the material is easily contained by an outer vessel, shipping container, or other device, resulting in safer handling.