Multisorb will exhibit at Pack Expo in Las Vegas from 28-30 September with representation from its four market sectors, which are healthcare, food and beverage, electronics, and logistics and industrial.

The company will be at booth #S-7244.

Multisorb’s line of innovative sorbent solutions are designed to provide superior protection against moisture, odour, oxygen, and other gases, resulting in extended shelf life, enhanced product quality, damage prevention and improved sustainability.

Multisorb is continually working to bring new and better innovations in sorbent technology to most effectively meet active packaging needs.

To achieve this goal, Multisorb’s technical experts will consult with the client to understand their specific needs and design a customised sorbent for the product and packaging.

Multisorb offers an extensive line of desiccants, moisture regulators, oxygen absorbers, and volatile absorbers in various formats, including packets, canisters, compressed forms, as well as built-in solutions.

For seamless dispensing into product packaging, Multisorb’s systems based approach combines the benefits of its packet and canister sorbent solutions with the reliability of corresponding dispensers designed by its engineers. Dispensers are developed specifically to dispense Multisorb’s sorbents, assuring compatibility to generate the highest levels of production efficiency, reduce costs and better manage quality.

Multisorb will also be highlighting its solutions to combat the harmful effects that moisture, oxygen, and volatiles can have on electronic components and subsystems.

Moisture can cause serious issues with electronic products, including optical lens fog, insulation breakdown, short circuits and intermittent performance, power semiconductor failure, and corrosion of contacts and relays.

Even when a product has a waterproof rating, such as IP 68, moisture can still create challenges.

With comprehensive evaluation services available, Multisorb engineers can perform a water immersion test to assess a product for leaks and provide further testing to determine the permeability of the device housing assembly.

Using this information along with other pertinent data, the exact desiccant formulation and format required to ensure reliable performance can be calculated.

The effective use of sorbent technology in electronic products and components can prevent product failure, increase service life, and reduce warranty exposure.

Multisorb’s products, which include desiccants, oxygen absorbers, and volatile adsorbers, are widely used by the industry to prevent corrosion, intermittent functionality, adverse effects from VOCs, and other problems.

These problems include product failures that occur from condensation, oxygen, or volatile contamination within the electronic device or packaging.

With more than 50 years of experience working with electronics manufacturers, Multisorb is committed to the development of innovative solutions for the industry and serves a wide range of electronic market sectors including consumer products, automotive, defence, solar panels and batteries, radar, telecommunications, aviation, marine, industrial and electronics packaging.