Excellent Peel with WIPAK's Tyvek® for Steam Pouches - Verdict Medical Devices
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Excellent Peel with WIPAK’s Tyvek® for Steam Pouches

As a good example of WIPAK’s customer-oriented product development and its ability to flexibly respond to market needs, WIPAK is proud to announce the brand-new ‘Tyvek for steam’ pouch.

These pouches are perfect for medical device companies that are packing their products into pouches and need to utilise steam for sterilisation. Indicator strips used in the process will confirm you that the sterilisation has succeeded.

WIPAK’s ESP film used in the pouches has an excellent peelabitility with the uncoated Tyvek. For more information about the ‘Tyvek for steam’ pouches, please contact your nearest WIPAK representative.

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