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Medical Packaging Solutions

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WIPAK is a leading global supplier of sterile barrier systems and high-end packaging solutions for medical device manufacturers and the pharmaceutical industry. WIPAK’s multilayer films and medical papers are designed for packing single-use medical devices and health care products, and to be used as a manufacturing component for drainage and nutrition bags. Our solutions include medical packaging materials and services for all common sterilization and packaging methods.

WIPAK has been producing medical-grade films and pouches since 1975. Today WIPAK’s diverse range of sterile barrier systems consists of flexible forming films, semi-rigid forming films, non-forming films and top webs, OW packaging for IV solutions, non-PVC urine bag materials, customized films and pouches, window bags, medical papers and Tyvek®.

Packaging solutions for single-use medical devices and health care products

WIPAK’s medical packaging range is especially designed for packing single-use medical devices and health care products. The selection of an optimal packaging solution starts from the packed product application and identification of the sterilization method to be used. WIPAK’s medical packaging range includes packaging solutions for all common sterilization methods including EO gas, irradiation and steam.

Multilayer films for FFS, flow-pack and 4SS-machines

WIPAK’s medical packaging solutions include materials for form-fill-seal (FFS), flow-pack and four-side-seal (4SS) methods. The fine-tuning of our multilayer films is done together with the customer according to the requirements relating to the converting process and packaging machine settings. WIPAK experts will help you in finding the optimized packaging solution for your particular need.

Sterile barrier systems

WIPAK’s range of sterile barrier systems includes:

  • Flexible forming films
  • Semi-rigid forming films
  • Non-forming and top webs
  • OW packaging solutions for IV solutions
  • Non-PVC urine bag materials
  • Customized films and pouches
  • Window bags
  • Medical papers and Tyvek®

Flexible and semi-rigid forming films

WIPAK’s focus is on developing and manufacturing flexible thermoforming multilayer films for direct seal applications.

Non-forming films and top webs

Non-forming films and top webs are suitable for 4SS and flow-pack.

Non-PVC urine bag materials

WIPAK offers multilayer films also to be used as manufacturing components for urine, ostomy and drainage bags.

Overwrapping (OW) packaging solutions for IV applications

WIPAK develops multilayer films for overwrapping of the infusion liquid applications. There are multiple non-PVC materials available with either peel or tear opening characters.

Customized pouches and window bags

A broad range of pouches is available with different designs and sizes incorporating films, medical papers and Tyvek®. Pouches may be flat or gusseted and with flat or ribboned seals. WIPAK offers also window bags for operation kit packaging.

Medical papers

Our wide choice of medical papers and Tyvek® completes WIPAK’s sterile barrier system offering.

Time-saving medical packaging solutions

We are well-known for our technical support. WIPAK experts, located all around the world, can help you to carry out trials, set up the packaging machines and perform validations. All this will shorten your development time thus saving you money.

WIPAK Group – multilayer films and high-end packaging solutions

WIPAK develops and manufactures multilayer barrier films and high-end packaging solutions in Europe. Together with our North American sister company WINPAK we provide our vast array of packaging solutions and services to all significant markets. With more than 20 production sites plus sales and service, we are locally available on a global basis.

WIPAK and WINPAK follow stringent quality, environment and hygiene requirements. Medical factories are ISO: 9001 and ISO: 14001 certified. The companies have also participated in developing standards ISO: 11607:2006 and EN 868, and all operations and products comply fully with these standards and norms. All raw materials in use are FDA approved.

The company is and has been a pioneer in modern co-extrusion technology. The first co-extrusion machine was designed and installed in 1980. Today WIPAK and WINPAK utilize all co-extrusion methods available in the market, including new water-quenching technology. The number of film layers range from two up to 18 layers.

Capabilities of the companies:

  • Multilayer co-extrusion methods cast, blown and coating
  • Solventless adhesive lamination, off-line and in-line
  • Flexo- and helio-printing
  • Pouch making
  • Slitting

WIPAK and WINPAK belong to the Finland-based Wihuri Packaging Division and have a global workforce of around 3,600 employees. The packaging division forms more than half of WIHURI’s total turnover €1.5 billion. WINPAK operates in America and WIPAK in the EMEA region and the Far East.

WIPAK to Attend MEDTEC Europe

WIPAK is pleased to announce that it will be attending the MEDTEC Europe exhibition in Stuttgart, Germany, on 22-24 March 2011. MEDTEC offers you a splendid venue for meeting and communicating with the WIPAK professionals. Our company offers advanced sterile barrier materials and system

Excellent Peel with WIPAK’s Tyvek® for Steam Pouches

As a good example of WIPAK's customer-oriented product development and its ability to flexibly respond to market needs, WIPAK is proud to announce the brand-new 'Tyvek for steam' pouch. These pouches are perfect for medical device companies that are packing their products into pouches

NICE – An Ideal Replacement for Rigid Films

Thanks to state-of-the-art water quenching technology, we have designed a new NICE range of transparent, thicker-gauge bottom films. The standard thicknesses vary from 230µm up to 500µm and the film structures are made with or without EVOH. They are fit for use on all conventional pac

OctaSafe PA/PE Forming Film Proves a Success

Wipak's OctaSafe PA/PE forming film is the ideal solution when seeking the highest economy for your FFS machine. The film offers cost advantages but does not compromise the performance of your packaging. It provides you with great mechanical properties combined with good forming and sealing pro

Wipak Introduces New Packaging for Bulky or Voluminous Products

Wipak’s very latest forming film, SC PA, is ideal for bulky and voluminous items. It facilitates usage of 10%-30% thinner packaging depending on the application. State-of-the-art water-quenching technology combines the outstanding mechanical properties of conventional blown co-extrusion with th