OctaSafe PA/PE Forming Film Proves a Success - Verdict Medical Devices
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OctaSafe PA/PE Forming Film Proves a Success

Wipak’s OctaSafe PA/PE forming film is the ideal solution when seeking the highest economy for your FFS machine. The film offers cost advantages but does not compromise the performance of your packaging. It provides you with great mechanical properties combined with good forming and sealing properties. This PA/PE film gives you eight layers of secured protection!

OctaSafe is the most economical PA/PE forming film in Wipak’s range. It is suitable for EO and irradiation sterilization and has extremely low shrinkage after processing and sterilization. Despite a non-symmetrical structure it is a very stable film with no risk of curling (which can cause problems to the FFS process).

OctaSafe film range in various thicknesses has been designed for the most-used 60µm to 100µm area. It is suitable for packing all common medical devices, like syringes, catheters, needles, wound care products and many others. Trial reels are readily available. Contact your nearest Wipak representative for more information.

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