NICE - An Ideal Replacement for Rigid Films - Verdict Medical Devices
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NICE – An Ideal Replacement for Rigid Films

Thanks to state-of-the-art water quenching technology, we have designed a new NICE range of transparent, thicker-gauge bottom films. The standard thicknesses vary from 230µm up to 500µm and the film structures are made with or without EVOH. They are fit for use on all conventional packaging lines.

Wipak NICE films are an ideal choice to replace rigid films, like APET and PVC films, and allow up to 25%-35% lighter package concept. Their symmetric and well-balanced structures offer add-on features like good optical and mechanical properties. Their excellent formability allows significant reduction of forming temperatures and minimisation of thin corner breaks.

Reduction of plastics waste and such costs is now concretely possible. Wipak NICE films offer a sustainable alternative for your packaging needs.

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