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Peristaltic Pumps for Medical Devices

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is a world leader in the manufacturing of peristaltic pumps and provider of automated life science applications for the medical device industry.


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Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is a world leader in the manufacturing of peristaltic pumps and provider of automated life science applications for the medical device industry.

Peristaltic pumps for use in medical applications

Peristaltic pumps are low shear, self-priming and dry running without requiring valves and seals.

They do not require complicated commissioning programmes, with maintenance involving little more than the simple changing of a tube. Their reliability ensures accuracy in fluid movement.

Peristaltic technology for endoscopic irrigation, electro-medical and dental equipment

There is no typical application for peristaltic pumps, with their versatility enabling Watson-Marlow pumps to be integrated into a wide range of equipment for uses such as endoscopic irrigation and washing, RF ablation, electro-medical and dental equipment. However, each application shares a common requirement for accurate and reliable fluid handling, high levels of sterility and ease-of-use.

Watson-Marlow 400ST/RX pumps are compact and ensure efficiency. They are used in a number of different medical applications for areas such as clinical trials for diabetes medication.
Watson-Marlow’s new DriveSure™ is a fully integrated OEM pump. It provides a competitive advantage through a significant reduction in time-to-market for OEMs.
Pumps and components made by Watson-Marlow are used in variety of machines in the medical device industry, including TAP Biosystems’ leading automated cell culture system, CompacT SelecT™.

The Profil Institut is a world-leading contract research institute for clinical trials in diabetes medication. One of its specialist areas is conducting glucose clamp studies. Their latest ClampArt® machine uses three Watson-Marlow 400ST/RX pumps for a sodium chloride and heparin mixture, for very small amounts of blood and buffer.

“The selection of a suitable pump was a big challenge in the development of ClampArt,” explains Dr Tim Heise. “The main problem was that glucose clamps operate with very low flow rates of only 7.5mm per hour and consequently with very small diameter tubes. None of the other pumps we tested could provide the precision needed at such low flow rates.

“Furthermore, the tubes could not withstand the constant, high contact pressure. The Watson-Marlow 400ST/RX pumps are ideal for our needs and very compact in size.”

The application of peristaltic technology by designers and OEMs is certainly on the increase as the obvious benefits (space saving, accurate control and long and predictable service life) are more widely understood.

Dedicated Watson-Marlow OEM project engineers fast-track product development cycles and optimise designs so that OEMs achieve the best pump for long-term success and profit.

Pumps for specific medical devices

Selecting the right pump for your medical device application, and the right pump manufacturer as a strategic supplier, is one of the most important decisions you will make for the life of your product.

It is very easy to buy pumps based on price to reduce material costs. But the smart money takes a more long-term view. Although not always the least expensive option, the peristaltic pump has several crucial operational advantages over traditional positive displacement pump designs. The biggest of these is that the pumped media remains contained within the pump tube from source to delivery, which provides obvious benefits for clinical, analytical and medical applications.

Fully integrated OEM pump drive

May 2013 saw the introduction of Watson-Marlow’s new DriveSure™, a panel-mount OEM, brushless DC gear motor with fully integrated speed controller, which offers 24vDC and 48vDC dc options and a 51:1 control ratio from 408-8rpm.

DriveSure helps OEMs reduce their time-to-market significantly, which provides valuable competitive gain. In addition, the inherent risks of buying various system components from different manufacturers are eliminated, with the safety net of a single, comprehensive two-year warranty.

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