Watson-Marlow Unveils Panel Mount Pumps with DriveSure™ Technology

panel mount oem pumps featuring drivesure brushless dc gear motors with fully integrated speed controllers

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is introducing a new range of panel-mount OEM pumps, which feature DriveSure™ brushless DC gear motors with fully integrated speed controllers.

The pumps were designed for use by medical device specialists serving the surgical ablation market. The RXMD DriveSure range provides a single source solution for OEMs requiring pumps, motors, gearboxes, and drives.

Low-cost DriveSure tubing and tube holders

The RXMD DriveSure is able to deliver very low flows at up to 6bar (87psi) back-pressure through catheters or needles in cooling applications. It also features an innovative mechanism that offers improved flow accuracy.

Furthermore, a tube holder ensures the tube is in the right position every time the safety lid is closed, providing rapid, trouble-free tube loading. This minimises the risk of human error and safeguards the process.

In surgical ablation applications, the pumps can be used to deliver cooling fluid, which in turn produces a more effective treatment and prevents scarring. The addition of DriveSure is seen as a huge advantage as it means OEM engineers can bring products to market faster and with lower engineering costs.

This is achieved by eliminating the time, design uncertainty, and risks associated with the separate specification of pump, motor, gearbox and drive. DriveSure is highly adaptable and directly accepts market-standard analogue control signals.

Reduced risk and warranty

A further benefit is that engineers can eliminate the inherent risks of buying various system components from different manufacturers with the safety net of a single and comprehensive two-year warranty. The pumphead also comes with a one-year warranty.

These include an important performance guarantee for the complete pump and full integration support.

Ultimately, RXMD DriveSure represents a fit and forget solution, while the use of Watson-Marlow’s own gearbox provides the customer with excellent torque and silent running.

RXMD DriveSure is available in several variants able to match customer flow, pressure and rotation direction requirements.

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