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Turn Key Cleanroom Systems from Planning to Qualification

Industriestr 26,
D-79793 Wutöschingen,

SCHILLING ENGINEERING is one of the leading specialists in customised cleanroom systems, as well as cleanroom tents and cleanroom equipment used in the field of medical technology, life-science and high-tech electronics, among other industries.

We emphasise customer proximity and individual consulting. Experienced engineers will accompany the whole process from the initial design, through on-site construction to the final qualification. Our cleanroom experts also provide training for the cleanroom staff and a 24/7 after-sales service across Europe.

Cleanroom systems for medical device safety

In the field of medical technology, specialised cleanroom systems from the CleanMediCell® line ensure the absolute safety of manufacture and products.

Cleanrooms are built using a modular system and can be expanded and reconfigured flexibly. They meet the strict requirements of the International Organisation of Standardization (ISO) standards and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. High-quality materials, special seals and an energy-efficient air circulation process ensure the consistent quality of cleanroom air.

Cleanroom tents with fast and easy assembly

Cleanroom tents provide restricted clean working areas, set up quickly, flexibly and cost-effectively.

The CleanFlowCell® flawlessly adapts to specific customer needs in a wide variety of applications. With a self-supporting structure and fitted strip curtains, the tents can be assembled and installed by the customer.

Our technology meets the strictest requirements based on hygienic production and testing areas.

Cleanroom workstations for particle-free work

Cleanroom table units and workbenches have innovative filter technology and optimised airflow to provide high-purity clean air areas for particularly sensitive production or measurement tasks, while ergonomically optimised workstations guarantee the highest product and personal protection.

Thanks to the compact design, the individual modules can be positioned directly on the wall. The Cleanroom Workstation CleanProCel® reaches the air quality of the ISO 5 cleanroom class.

Cleanroom side equipment for safety in the entire process

Special production and work conditions in most particle-free areas require the use of cleanroom-specific goods.

Clothing materials have to be lint-free and anti-static, while furniture must permit cleaning with disinfectants and cannot have hidden dust deposits. Special hygienic requirements demand precise planning and functional high-quality cleanroom equipment.

For this, SCHILLING ENGINEERING provides customised, practical solutions for cleanroom furniture, cleanroom clothing, cleaning solutions and other accessories.

Cleanroom training

Employees in cleanrooms are the largest source of undesired particles. Training staff how to behave in cleanroom conditions is, therefore, necessary to ensure the function and quality of the cleanroom.

The experts at SCHILLING ENGINEERING are experienced practitioners who provide lively custom training and seminars. Training adapts to the individual needs of production processes and the existing knowledge of the staff. Qualified staff allow the successful operation of clean rooms.

600 Square Metre Clean Room for Titanium Implants

Medartis AG is specialised in high-precision implant systems for bone fractures and bone malpositions. The Swiss company has now invested in a 600 square metre clean room of the latest standards to guarantee the safety standards for medical products.

Clean air at Plansee

The Plansee Group, based in Reutte, Austria, specialises in the powder metallurgical processing of the high-tech metals molybdenum and tungsten.


Industriestr 26

D-79793 Wutöschingen