SCHILLING ENGINEERING is specialised in the production of modular cleanroom systems. In controlled clean rooms, the smallest particles are filtered from the ambient air to protect sensitive products of the high-tech industry, medical technology or pharmaceutics from contamination. Now the family business from Southern Baden / Germany was asked by the local community school whether the high-performance filters could also contribute to improving the air quality in their school.

Actually, at home in the very controlled world of cleanroom technology, SCHILLING ENGINEERING responded by designing a filter unit that moves on rollers and can easily be plugged into any household plug to start operation. The mobile filter, christened “WINDfried”, is equipped with an ULPA 15 filter which filters particles down to 0.12µm from the air – the Covid-19 virus has a size of approx. 0.16µm. However, viruses do not usually come out in front anyway, but are bound to droplets in the form of aerosols, which are easily captured by the high-performance filters.

Since the ULPA 15 filters also work very quietly, noise pollution during lessons was not a problem. The results of the particle measurement, which is normally carried out to control the particle concentration in qualified clean rooms, surprised even the cleanroom experts. This time, the measurement was carried out in normally equipped rooms and with up to 23 students during operation. The result was all the more pleasing: the virus load could be reduced by a factor of 10 with the use of “WINDfried”. The unit operates with a volume flow of 1100m³/h, which corresponds to an air exchange rate of over 9 for a 40 m² room (at a room height of 3 metres). This means that the entire room air is drawn in and filtered nine times within one hour. Measurements at other schools confirm the results and were so positive that the mobile filter unit is now available to schools and offices.

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