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Steam Heat Systems and Sterilisation Components

Spirax Sarco specialises in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining steam systems and components using processes compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and international standards.

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Spirax Sarco specialises in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining steam systems and components using processes compliant with good manufacturing practices (GMP) and international standards.

A high-quality steam system can effectively sanitise medical equipment, reduce the number of rejected or not-to-standard products, and improve cleanliness standards and productivity in the production line.

Spirax Sarco’s systems are used in the drug development, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries.

Sterilisation of medical equipment and accurate temperature control

Every critical part of a steam system is available from Spirax Sarco, including post-installation maintenance, and steam quality testing. Applications served by its steam systems in the drug development industry include sterilisation of prototyping production systems, medical equipment, and devices, as well as sterilisation and accurate control for temperature-sensitive products.

The BT6-B steam trap removes condensate from clean steam systems.
The FTS14 steam trap can be used for steam systems with up to 14bar pressure.
The STERI-TROL is a control valve, which has a quick-release bonnet.
The TVA flowmeter uses the strain produced on a moving cone (target principle) to measure flowrate.
The EasiHeat unit provides consistent hot water without wasting energy, which can occur in conventional systems.

Available products include steam traps, condensate pumps, compressed air optimisation equipment, boiler controls and systems, flow metering, and isolation valves.

Other productivity-enhancing equipment designed for clean steam applications are on offer, such as fermenters, sterilisation, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, pipeline and steam ancillaries, and insulation jackets.

Easiheat™ is the company’s plate and frame heat exchanger packaged system designed to deliver between 250kW to 1800kW of hot water while occupying a minimum of plant floor space.

Dedicated ISO7 manufacturing facility

Spirax Sarco offers a dedicated range of clean steam services and its product range is assembled in a dedicated ISO7 cleanroom, the default classification for medical device packaging.

The dedicated IS07 cleanroom at the Clean Steam Centre of Excellence manufacturing facility in Cheltenham is one of several segregated testing, cleaning, and packaging locations. It enables the company to further mitigate risk of contamination.

Decontamination control through clean steam sterilisation

Medical equipment and devices can be sterilised using clean steam, where standard plant steam cannot meet sterilisation and decontamination requirements.

Choosing the appropriate steam purity grade for a specific application is crucially important.

Clean steam generators

Spirax Sarco provides freestanding stainless steel clean steam generators (CSG) for many applications requiring high-quality, clean steam for optimum production and prototyping activities.

Spirax Sarco’s CSG system is designed to generate up to 3,800kg/h of clean steam. Microprocessor controlled and capable of integration into existing distributed control systems (DCS), each unit comes pre-assembled to ease installation and better manage total turnkey costs.

Applications suitable for these units include sterilisers, sterilise-in-place, direct injection into products, cleanroom humidification, and operating and laboratory environments.

Optimised steam traps for maintenance applications

Spirax Sarco’s wide range of steam traps can help to combat condensate, air, and non-condensable gases, which can cause build-up and potential loss of heat transfer and damaging water hammer.

Steam traps with various principles of operation are available including float, thermostatic, inverted-bucket, thermodynamic, and balanced-pressure. The company can assist you to select the optimum solution and meet your exact requirements.

There are many options available for body material and connections ranging from traditional ferrous material screwed to high-grade 316L stainless steel connections to ASME BPE and internal surface finishes of up to 15 micro-inch Ra ASME BPE SFV4 when required.

In non-critical clean applications, Spirax Sarco’s range of STS17.2 compact pipeline connector trapping stations offer low total cost of ownership options and the flexibility to select the trap operating type to best fit your needs.

Steam system monitoring to ensure quality

SIMS™ is Spirax Sarco’s intelligent monitoring system for the steam system, integrating with meters, heat exchangers, steam trap monitoring, and boiler systems.

SIMS™ collects data from the steam system to monitor, analyse, and report on energy, system, and product performance to ensure the needs of your process are being satisfied in the most energy-efficient way possible.

Information, dashboards, and reports can be accessed online on a wide range of devices.

Services and training

Spirax Sarco offers a full suite of services to help businesses maximise on their investments in plant and equipment. From on-site audits and surveys to trap maintenance, Spirax Sarco’s qualified technicians, engineers, and scientists are ready to help.

The company also provide a range of educational seminars around steam system management, steam quality, and purity with associated water quality requirements.

Spirax Sarco’s customers benefit from:

  • Solutions for optimum operation performance with minimum downtime to lower overall lifecycle costs
  • Solutions to increase process equipment productivity for new and refurbished systems
  • The reassurance of full supporting documentation
  • Single source of supply with local service and support
  • Expert steam advice and in-depth market knowledge
  • Guidance on how you can comply with industry legislation, health and safety and current good manufacturing practice (cGMP)
  • Global coverage with 51 operating companies worldwide

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