Spirax Sarco is an expert in steam and thermal energy technologies that aims to provide its clients with support and innovation requires to address industry challenges.

Spirax Sarco’s commitment to new product development to offer total customer solutions and its capability to design engineer solutions sets it apart from its competitors adding unique value to its customers.

This is particularly so when it comes to the healthcare sector, where Spirax Sarco has a long-standing presence providing equipment, service and expertise to hospitals and clinics throughout Australia.

When looking to develop a clean steam generator to meet the needs of AS/NZS 4187:2014, Spirax Sarco was able to draw on its wealth of steam expertise, along with a great deal of experience gained from steam quality testing, and an in-depth working knowledge of the standard.

This resulted in the design of a clean steam generator that delivers clean steam to meet the purity requirements of the standard, while still maintaining the steam quality also required by the standard.

Spirax Sarco has ticked all the boxes with the release of the Australian Healthcare Clean Steam Generator (AH-CSG).  The unit provides clean steam to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4187:2014, and it incorporates an integral feedwater tank and a degassing system. In addition, all wetted parts on the clean steam side are stainless steel.

The efficient compact design, with minimal footprint, means it is well disposed to installation in an existing plant room, where access and space may be limited, or to minimise the space required in new installations.

The AH-CSG provides the core of the clean steam generation system, with clean steam operational pressure of up to 500kPag and output of up to 300kg/hr of clean steam, typically supplying up to three large sterilisers.

For existing installations, there is no need to change or upgrade sterlisers, as the AH-CSG uses the already available plant steam to generate clean steam, which can be supplied directly to existing sterilisers.

The AH-CSG output is determined by the plant steam supply pressure and the clean steam output pressure required. Consult Spirax Sarco for your application by submitting an enquiry using the form on this page.

Control is via local process controllers using on-off valves that provide simple but effective and reliable operation of the unit. Designed and built in Australia, it is well supported with service contracts able to be provided by Spirax Sarco’s nationwide service team, who can also carry out steam quality and purity testing to AS/NZS 4187:2014.

The AH-CSG is supplied as a fully assembled and tested package, requiring minimal installation and commissioning.

Spirax Sarco works with its customers to deliver sustainable steam and thermal energy solutions, shared expertise and knowledge, auditing and advice to achieve process productivity improvements.

Spirax Sarco is also able to assess and advise on the overall installation requirements and provide the additional equipment for a full installation, including blowdown vessel, plant and clean steam ancillary equipment; and sampling and testing points and equipment. Installation of the unit can also be handled by Spirax Sarco.