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COREresearch: Continuous Core Body Temperature Monitoring Made Easy

greenTEG AG (Switzerland) released a new non-invasive and accurate device for core body temperature monitoring, branded as COREresearch. The device is purposed to support human physiology researchers conveniently obtain accurate and on-time data.

Initially, the device was developed to help athletes enhance their training programs to avoid overheating when training and/or competing in extreme environments, such as ultra-marathons or the Ironman. The solution was later repurposed to address new challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Target groups include the general public that are seeking to return to work safely, business owners and patrons concerned with protecting their workforces’ and customers’ wellbeing, and individuals in risk groups.

Holger Hendrichs, VP Sales & Marketing, gives a well-known example: “We all know the vital relationship between the temperature of our body and our well-being. The first thing our mothers did when we were sick is put a hand on our forehead to gain a feel of our core temperature (fever detection). Most of us are, however, not aware of modern-day thermometers’ inaccuracies. You can test this out for yourselves. Go for a run outside and then measure your in-ear temperature, and you will get a confirmation of how “cool” you are (which is indeed “wrong” after running).”

Still, the best method today to monitor core temperature is the old-fashioned rectal thermometer. In intensive care units, you will find patients hooked up to artery, rectal, bladder, and oesophagal thermometers. All these methods are accurate at the cost of being highly invasive and not very practical for research studies. greenTEG developed new technology to accurately measure core body temperature, specifically with its CORE, a compact and easy-to-use wearable device. It is the result of many years of development in the fields of energy transfer sensors and machine learning algorithms.

You can gain a lot of information from continuous core temperature measurements. Even at a resting state, your core temperature is not constant but follows the circadian rhythm. At night, your body is one-degree Celsius cooler compared to your mid-day temperature. Diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stress, and sleeping disorders cause deviations from the circadian rhythm, and these symptoms can thus be detected by CORE.

But there is still some work to be done before wearable devices can accurately detect diseases. With COREresearch, greenTEG supplies researchers the required tools to detect the smallest biomarkers in the body’s temperature. COREresearch is designed for scientific studies and monitors the core temperature, skin temperature, and acceleration all at one-second intervals.

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