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Training for Cardiovascular Surgery

YourAnastomosis is a MedTech start-up company engaged with innovation in surgical education for medical professionals in the field of cardiac, vascular, orthopaedic and plastic surgery.

Szent István tér,

YourAnastomosis is a MedTech start-up company engaged with innovation in surgical education for medical professionals in the field of cardiac, vascular, orthopaedic and plastic surgery.

The company was founded with cardiac and vascular surgical expertise combined with competency in software engineer development.

The occurrence of cardiovascular diseases and related surgeries increase continuously, thus the role of healthcare professionals become more and more valuable. Therefore, YourAnastomosis has developed an effective educational system for supporting their work, enabling continuous surgical practice training in all circumstances.

As a solution, we provide a surgical skill training kit for convenient practice. The kit contains everything required for effective and successful surgical skill acquirement. It provides remote training options with personalised feedback and suggestions in various surgical situations.

YourAnastomosis’ solution digitalises surgical education to renovate surgical performance into a data-driven system.
We work on the innovation of surgical education by combining disruptive technological development with comprehensive surgical practical systems.
Surgeons and medical students can use our platform to easily practise in flexible conditions, locally and in-time.

Online practical surgical training

YourAnastomosis’ solution digitalises surgical education by digitalising surgical performance.

Our solution allows surgeons and medical students to practice in an easily accessible method and by flexible conditions. Adaptation of the training system into surgical education takes place within the framework of e-learning material and continuous, feedback-based practice.

Interactive training on surgical skill

This novel, online training system facilitates the opportunity of surgical procedures. No travel is required; this is a time-effective solution for the surgeons, and an easily affordable method for hospitals to ensure continuous medical training.

In comparison with conventional hands-on training, the system can optimise the medical learning curve while it simplifies access to practical skill training.

In an online training format, the theoretical portion follows the practical segment of the course. We supply the practical course attendees with equipment for the hands-on training, which includes all necessary material and surgical tools.

Replication of surgical sites is provided with every kit as a surgical simulator. Vascular suturing, anastomosis technique can be trained repetitively on these simulators, and showing the attendees how performed sutures and anastomoses would behave clinically in that given case. It is also provided with a clear personalised, technical suggestion for improving surgical skills.

Suture training and surgical skill simulations

For successful practise, attendees receive detailed, step-by-step guidance with complete instructions. To truly simulate surgical scenarios, the complete technical innovation complements 3D-printed, case-specific, customised models.

These simulations represent real pathoanatomical case variations, therefore surgeons can practice on lifelike models, as they would on actual patients. For the most realistic practice method next to 3D-printed models, we deliver artificial vessels to master the suture technique skill.

After suturing artificial vessels, YourAnastomosis provides an online platform, objective, personalised, and data-driven flow analysis about the performed anastomoses.

CME surgery course

Our state-of-the-art technologies reform cardiovascular surgical training and the entire surgical learning system. Evaluation technique allows detailed and predictive personal suggestions for improving surgical outcomes.

Due to repetitive and consecutive methods, this solution ensures valuable experience for surgeons and medical students. It also allows a gamified system to attend more effective surgical training and successful acquirement of practical skills.

Results of surgical performance are digitalised, giving further developmental options for decision-making and benchmarking.

Courses on surgery at workplace or home

To attend our online, gamified training courses, visit our website and order the surgical skill kit and everything you need will be delivered to you directly.

Enjoy the process of innovative practical training, track your vascular suture techniques, with objective results and personalised suggestions, and continue our methods for an unlimited number of assessments.

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  • Innovation For Surgical Education

    Until now, there were no objective methods to evaluate the quality of the practice of vessel anastomosis (vascular suture) for cardiac surgeons, vascular surgeons, and surgical trainees.

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