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YourAnastomosis Made a Big Step Towards Involvement in Residency Training

A new era has started in anastomosis skill training because the YourAnastomosis Surgical Skill Training Kits have become involved in the systematic education of surgical residents.

The recent period has forcefully highlighted how invaluable the expertise of healthcare professionals is. Covid-19 influenced practical training options and normal ways of surgical education for two reasons: the pandemic cancelled hands-on training for surgical trainees, and after the pandemic, the postponed elective cases will cause an overload. These effects will cause continuous limitations in conventionally applied methods of practical training.

YourAnastomosis supports residency training by providing continuous, competency-based practical courses. YourAnastomosis started a programme to provide an online practical training option for resident doctors as a part of systematic, postgraduate surgical education and preparation for board examination. A population of trainees get a training kit that transports all the values of conventional hands-on training to their home, giving the option for continuous, convenient problem-based learning.

This state-of-the-art methodology of YourAnastomosis takes hands-on training to the next level, contributing to effective, time-saving training. This type of training provides lifelike surgical examples and transmits a more tangible dimension of the practice.

After every step of training, assessment of vascular sutures can distribute information directly to trainees, giving a clear and easy way of integrating this information to experience. The training activity is accepted as a part of systematic skill training of vascular, cardiac, plastic, general and orthopaedic surgical residency training programmes.

Within the framework of the training programme, 400 simulated procedures are evaluated, giving an immense understanding of the behaviour of a vascular anastomosis. YourAnastomosis Skill Training’s method makes the surgical practical training continuous, even during the pandemic, and allows improvement in the outcome of vascular anastomoses.

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